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GBBLive Podcast: The ebbs and flows of the Grizzlies

The best, and worst, of times this week for Memphis.

GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

Are you unsure of just how good the Grizzlies may be, Memphis?

Don’t worry - it appears that the Grizzlies aren’t sure either.

On this final episode of GBBLive for the calendar year, Host Joe Mullinax dives in to just who Memphis is as the page prepares to turn from 2018 to 2019. Listen to the show in the player below or via this link.

Joining Joe is Gary Darby, the studio host of Grizzlies Game Night on 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis, and there is plenty to discuss on the podcast this week. The rise and inconsistency of Jaren Jackson Jr., the Grizzlies looking dominant against the Lakers at times and downright awful other times, and tradeable assets heading in to rumor mill season around the NBA are all fair game on this installment of GBBLive, and much more!

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