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“The Core Four”—Episode 21

Parker and Nathan close out the new year with one of the best pods yet.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

When a door closes, it just means that a new one is opening. So as the year of 2018 comes to an end (and man, has it been too long. You remember we had an Olympics earlier this year), you can be rest assured that the Core Four will still continue every single week!

This week, Parker and I discussed:

  • How the 2017 NBA draft was either great/bad depending on how you look at it
  • Mike Conley’s all-star chances and who could possibly keep him out of the all-star game.
  • Why Parker and I can no longer call ourselves the Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum of Memphis media, despite our wishes to do so.
  • Predictions for the NBA as a whole in 2019

As usual, we appreciate everyone who listens to the shoe and reads our material. You can follow me on twitter @BigNateChester, and you can follow my co-host Parker Fleming on Twitter @PAKA_FLOCKA.