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Grizzlies fall to Lakers

Head towards the liquor cabinet. It was one of those games.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies hosted a LeBron-led Lakers team, and it almost felt like a neutral site game, since all these people from Los Angeles traveled to Memphis to cheer on their team. It was probably to cheer on some guy named LeBron James. Google him, if you don’t know him.

The first quarter was a low-scoring affair, which isn't really a surprise at this point. Nobody on the Grizzlies really stood out in this quarter. Garrett Temple clanked multiple open jumpers. None of the Grizzlies’ “Big 3” of Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Jaren Jackson Jr. were pretty subpar. Ultimately, they ran into the machines known as LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma. In addition, the Lakers controlled the pace and moved the ball well to jump out to an early lead. At the end of the quarter, the Grizzlies trailed the Lakers 27-16, shooting a putrid 29.2 percent from the field.

The second quarter wasn’t any better. Josh Hart did a number on the Grizzlies, drilling three straight 3’s on three straight possessions. Good thing he got away from that lame Fortnite celebration. On the Grizzlies’ end, there wasn’t really anything to celebrate. Yeah, Gasol and Conley hit a few 3’s. and we had a Wayne Selden appearance. However, it didn’t wash away the pain and agony from the Grizzlies’ miserable first half. They were down 63-40 at halftime, and they were getting out-rebounded 36-11.

The start of the third quarter looked promising! The Grizzlies shrunk the deficit, getting the game within 15 points. Jaren Jackson dunked on Javale McGee, so that was pretty cool. Then, the Lakers went on a run, which included 3’s from Kuzma and Caldwell-Pope and a poster dunk from LeBron. The Lakers ultimately extended the lead out to 25, as the Grizzlies trailed 91-66 going into the fourth quarter.

Ah, the fourth quarter. Cool, this massacre is almost over. Lance Stephenson just tried to put Marc Gasol on a poster. Jaren Jackson Jr. hit a nice reverse layup. We got a DJ Stephens sighting, so Memphians love that! DJ STEPHENS ON THE COURT WITH OMRI CASSPI? THAT’S A SUPER TEAM. Casspi had a fast-break dunk, that’s always neat. Selden and Stephens connected on an alley-oop — night made.

The Grizzlies ended up losing to the Lakers, 111-88. Wayne Selden led the team in scoring, notching 17 points. It was that kind of night.

Quick Notes from the Game:

  • The Grizzlies need more wing depth. Yeah, they have MarShon Brooks aka “Cheap Tyreke,” but this team needs more help on the wings. When all healthy, a quartet of Dillon Brooks, Garrett Temple, Kyle Anderson, and MarShon Brooks is pretty decent, but they need to add another piece on the wings. Look for my column on Monday, where I give a few suggestions of how they can add more perimeter talent.
  • Free Wayne Selden. Selden was the only player off the bench that really came alive, as he led the team in scoring with 17 points. He’s one of the few players that can create his own shot off the dribble, get to the line, and shoot the 3-ball. He also has good enough size and athleticism to be a plus defender. If I was JB, I’d find more opportunities for Selden.
  • They were tired. You can tell that they were tired from last night’s game against the Pelicans. That’s really not an excuse, especially since the Lakers also played the night before as well. It’s more so an observation. They were outworked on the glass. Their shots were off, and they just seemed sluggish. Then again, they’ve been playing really well lately and were due for a doozie. I wouldn’t fret.
  • LeBron James is a good basketball player. I know this should probably be a Grizzly note, but I don’t care. Appreciate the fact that we’re witnessing probably the greatest player of all time.

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