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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Toronto

Raptors fans are delighted with their second unit.

View from the Enemy

The Grizzlies did not survive in Toronto after a 12-point fourth quarter and 19 turnovers. The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Toronto Raptors HQ SB Nation GameThread.

Before the game

I am dreaming of a Valanciunas dunk on Gasol.

Memphis' young players often have trouble finding consistency.

Memphis has gone 5-5 in their last ten games with Mike Conley out and Tyreke Evans not playing in four.

During the game

When did JV become a three point specialist?

Jarell Martin just rolled out of bed.

Raptors taking advantage of poor paint protection by Memphis.

Bench mob in full force this afternoon.

Turnovers killing the Grizzlies.

I have never seen a bigger in season improvement that @jonasvalanciunas this guy can shoot and move he’s going to be a load in the playoffs.

Lowry wants to end this game early so he can get on his flight to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl.

I woke up 5 mins ago and I see us up 12 against memphis. Okay then time to have some breakfast in the afternoon and watch us destroy yet another team.

So far so good! Just need demar to pick up the scoring a bit and #freepizza is mine.

8-0 run by Memphis, timeout Raptors.

First half: delighted shouts of “omg Raptors!” Second half: exasperated shouts of “omg Raptors!”

We need to step it up in the 4th, I don't want us going 0-10 from three again or i’m going to lose it.

Second unit does it again.

I think Coach Casey should reward the #BenchMob and put them all in as starters.

Casey not bringing the starters in.

Is Kyle on the bench or getting his carry on packed? Remember Kyle no liquids!

#BenchMob: 50 Their bench: 17

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