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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Utah

“If Hood can phone-slap Gasol before he’s traded… I’ll pitch in $5 toward his fine”

View from the Enemy

It was a competitive, typical grind out game played between Memphis and Utah. The Jazz executed better in the last quarter and got away with the win.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and SLC Dunk SB Nation GameThread.

Before the game

No Parsons, Evans or Conley? We’d better lay another smack down.

If Hood can phone-slap Gasol before he’s traded… I’ll pitch in $5 toward his fine…

During the game

Refs aren’t calling much.

Gasol had this game marked on his calendar. Always a battle with Rudy.

Chalmers is still in the league?

I think i know my nba pretty good but i haven’t heard of half these Grizzlies.

i think generally we struggle against physical teams. and this is definitely a physical team with our without zbo.

what they do, said held us to under 100 26 games in a row.

Ricky Rubio is playing like a top 10 point guard.

Rodney Hood looks like a starter again.

we deserve to lose this ugly game.

Eh. Too much grit & grind.

memphis dictates pace of play so well.

Seems like Gasol has been dominating Rudy but he is only 6/18.

Rubio of 2018 is like DWILL of 2008.

8 point lead at Memphis point is equivalent to a 14 point lead against a typically paced team.

Happy that we won - and really happy that it’s over.

After the game

Without Rubio, this game is a loss.

seven is a sexy number.

Refs called 26 PF on Grizz. If they were doing their job consistent with an average officiating job they’d have called over 50. That was ugly ugly basketball.

They threw out Memphis’ head coach J. B. Bickerstaff who had some choice words for the officials as he was leaving. He even threatened the referees that he’d be waiting after the game for them. Jerry Sloan would be proud.

Grizz players not acting like tanksters.

During the 7 game winning streak Rubio has averaged 20.7 points 7.7 assists and 5.6 rebounds while shooting 54% FG and 57% from 3. Pretty dang good.