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Report Card: Grizzlies falter down the stretch in Brooklyn

Poor shooting and turnovers in the 4th quarter result in a Grizzlies loss to the Brooklyn Nets 118-115.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies were back to their losing ways Monday night.

Memphis lost this one to the Nets in Brooklyn 118-115. After a missed Spencer Dinwiddie free throw to give life to the Grizzlies, Andrew Harrison dribbles around without regard of the clock then has to force up a falling away, contested three to wrap the game up. After a big win on Saturday to break the losing streak, each loss is crucial to the “tank”.

The team actually played with a great deal of spirit considering Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans were not playing. It was a good thing to see the Baby Grizz all getting some good playing time and that they were leading most of the game. After having the lead, Memphis went cold in the 4th quarter and the Nets took over, while overall Brooklyn made 16 threes in this contest compared to the Grizzlies 10 threes made. That didn’t help matters.

However, it was a great experience for this young team Monday to get some crunch time minutes. This three-point loss puts the Grizzlies with a record at 5-11 in four-point games this season. That is a great stat for a tanking team, and it can be a sign of immaturity across the roster. In the end, Memphis just did not make the plays to win down the stretch.

Now, to team grades.

Andrew Harrison- B-

Andrew Harrison had a pretty good game in this one. He played 31 minutes and scored 19 points and had 8 assists. Harrison stepped up offensively taking a high volume of shots controlling the game at his pace when he was in the game. One thing we have not seen much of from him is that many assists. This is a promising sign has Harrison’s turnover rate (0 in this game!) is always something to be worried about. It was fun to see a two-guard lineup out there occasionally with Briante Weber and Andrew Harrison. Bickerstaff should toy with that rotation more.

Dillon Brooks- C

Brooks came out a little sluggish in this one. He never really found his shot for most of the game, and he underperformed what we have seen from him as of late. Dillon Brooks played 30 minutes and had 15 points but only one rebound. The rebounds and assist numbers (2 assists) are what is a negative in this one. However, I do not understand him at the 2, and that is why he did not have the boards to pair with his scoring. Having him at the 2 and Jarell Martin at the 3 shifts two people out of position on this roster.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Jarell Martin- C-

Continuing this same tune, Jarell Martin also had a tough game because the starting five lineup was not the best lineup Coach Bickerstaff could play. Also, the fact you foul out in 12 minutes is just impressive. He was lost out there in this contest. Martin only tallied 12 minutes and had 5 points with 0 rebounds. Why? Because he does not fit at the 3. He needs to only play the 4 which may take his minutes away. If he can be a spark off the bench behind JaMychal Green, the Grizzlies can be in a lot better shape. The fouls, of course, did not help, but it has to do with the lineups he is in to get the full potential from Jarell.

JaMychal Green- B+

Another solid double-double for JaM as he feasted down low with Marc inactive. He had 14 points and 16 rebounds in 29 minutes. Green showed once again, he can dominate the boards after coming off of injury most of this season. It was very tough for him to get back to 100% after that ankle injury, but he is now showing he was worth the money this offseason.

Deyonta Davis- C-

DD just was not aggressive enough in this game. He played 22 minutes but only scored 2 points and added 5 rebounds. Davis showed flashes of intensity which were nice to see. However, his overall offensive game just was not there. He only took two shots and proved to be a non-threat to the Nets frontcourt. If DD is ever going to turn into the rim-running, athletic big with skill inside that he has the talent for, he will have to get more aggressive taking over the game in the minutes played.

Bench- B

A solid night from the bench as they scored 60 of the 115 points Monday. It was great to see Briante Weber get his shot and rack up 34 minutes and 15 points. His motor is always running at the highest level which is contagious to the other guys on the court.

Chandler Parsons was still limited but was back to his early sharpshooting ways in this one. He went 3-3 from three early scoring 13 points. Wayne Selden also contributed 17 points on a high volume shooting night going 7-15 from the field.

Other than that, Ivan Rabb and Ben McLemore both chipped in with 22 and 20 minutes of their own. Rabb had a solid 10 point game still learning the ropes of the league. Tank Master Ben McLemore still is leading the charge whenever the Grizzlies need to let the other team back into the game. He checked in late in this one which resulted in a Nets run. McLemore had 4 turnovers on the night.

Next, the Grizzlies stay in the Eastern Conference going to the City of Brotherly Love. They face the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday night. No telling who will be playing for the Grizzlies in this one, but it will be a fun one with Joel Embiid on the other side.

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