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Grizzlies get blasted by 76ers 119-105

Awful stuff.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After watching that game, I can say with almost 100% certainty that even with Tyreke Evans, who did not play tonight, the Memphis Grizzlies are a lot worse at basketball than the Philadelphia 76ers.

That is the kind of hard-hitting analysis you count on from us at GBB.

I mean, seriously, Memphis is awful. And Philly is good. This loss was depressing because it really felt like two teams on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to future. The Sixers seem like a squad on the way up, with “The Process” finally manifesting and creating a young, talented playoff team. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies are a dumpster fire with (more than likely) one first round pick the next two seasons and an aging core, two key pieces of which have injury concerns.

Grizzlies fever, catch it! But actually don’t because it may lead to injury.

Some takeaways from this really bad basketball game-

  • The Grizzlies lost the third quarter 41-25. That is just awful, awful defense. That may well be the saddest thing about this season, how far Memphis has fallen on that end of the court. Poor rotations and foot work, slow closeouts, weak rim protection...the list of issues goes on and on and on. Offensively Memphis has been bad before. But the putrid defense is a real sign that Grit and Grind is super dead.
  • J.B. Bickerstaff’s lineups, man. OK, starting Jarell Martin at the 3, while crazy, has some tank ideas behind it. But Coach Bickerstaff trotted out Briante Weber/Jarell Martin/Chandler Parsons/JaMychal Green/Marc Gasol during that awful 3rd quarter. WHO IS THE TWO THERE, J.B.? That lineup was awful, and it wasn’t the players fault.
  • Dillon Brooks had another efficient shooting night (6-9, 14 points) but he struggled passing at times. Only 1 assist, and he showed a lack of court awareness on multiple occasions, especially one time where he didn’t pass ahead on a fast break in the second half and was benched by Bickerstaff because of it. Dillon is a talented player who has proven he deserves a shot at being on this team moving forward, and of course he is still a rookie/young, but he has to show active efforts to grow his game. One trick ponies won’t last long in the NBA.

Memphis has yet to beat an Eastern Conference team on the road this season. It is March 21st. This is just one of many facts or stats that can confirm what your eyes already tell you - the Grizzlies are really, really bad. Memphis is back in action tomorrow night against the Charlotte Hornets. Marc Gasol and Chandler Parsons will likely not play, Tyreke Evans will.

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