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The Grizzlies are so so so so bad, lose to Hornets 140-79

Kemba Walker’s 46 points lead the Hornets in a historic defeat for the Grizzlies

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis’s second night of a back-to-back ended as the first one did: with a loss.

Not just any loss, though. One of the worst losses of the year, in the franchise’s history, in NBA history.

Please don’t shoot the messenger.

In the Grizzlies’ 140-79--I’ll repeat that-- 140-79 loss to the Charlotte Hornets, they showed the heavy signs of playing a back-to-back. The Hornets started the game on a 12-2 run before interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff called a timeout at 7:28 in the first quarter to stop the bleeding. It did not stop the bleeding. Not even a little.

The defense was porous and the offense stagnant in the first quarter. While the Grizzlies scrapped and clawed for each point, the Hornets continued to extend their lead with easy looks at the rim and from three. Kemba Walker had it stuck on automatic as Pete Pranica would say, scoring 17 points on 5-7 shooting in the first quarter alone. He outscored the Grizzlies single-handedly as the Hornets ended the quarter up 37-14. A disgusting frame from Memphis’s perspective.

Both teams were without their starting centers in this game, but the Hornets didn’t show any signs of missing theirs. Dwight Howard was suspended after committing his 16th technical foul of the season while Marc Gasol missed the game for rest.

Coach Bickerstaff tried using unconventional rotations to compensate, but it didn’t work. Simmons-Weber-McLemore-Martin-Rabb turned out NOT to be the Grizzlies’ version of the death lineup, who knew? In the 2nd quarter, Memphis’ defense tightened up and stopped giving up so many transition buckets, but the offense did not do its part. Memphis did not make its first three-pointer until 4:12 left in the 2nd quarter.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The offense reverted to Tyreke Evans heroball, which was the best offense Memphis could muster Thursday night. After a slew of early turnovers and a slow start, Reke notched 13 points in the first half as Memphis trailed Charlotte 75-42. Kemba Walker finished the half with an astounding 35 points.

The second half was a slightly muted version of the first, but still a resounding defeat for Memphis. Kemba’s hot start showed no signs of cooling off. He crossed the 40-point threshold in the 3rd quarter as he hit three-after-three-after-three. If there was any hope that Memphis would come back after a marginally better second quarter, it was crushed when the Hornets took a FORTY point lead midway through the third quarter. That wasn’t even the largest lead of the game. It only got worse.

Remember how I said the timeout didn’t stop the bleeding? WELL NOTHING DID. Memphis ended the third quarter of a basketball game down 55 freakin’ points. 112-57, Charlotte.

It stopped there, though, right? WRONG. The largest lead of the game would end up being 65 points with a minute and a half left in the game. I can’t believe those are real words that I typed and have to read. 65 real points.

The fourth quarter had some things happen, mostly good for Charlotte. I’m not going to bother you with details because no one cares about them. The record margin of victory is 68 and the Grizzlies lost by 61. That’s all that matters after this night from hell. Oh and Kemba finished with 46 points (on 13-18 shooting) after being on pace for 70 points at halftime. Did I update the Grizzlies’ stats? No, probably not. I don’t care enough to check and neither should anyone else.

Let’s never discuss this game again.

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