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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Minnesota

“My disappointment level is so high right now.”

View from the Enemy

The Memphis Grizzlies lost a home game to the Los Angeles Lakers this past Saturday night, but were able to get the first road win of the calendar year in Minnesota against the Timberwolves.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources, Minnesota Timberwolves SB Nation Blog Canis Hoopus GameThread, and Minnesota Timberwolves RealGM forum.

Before the Game

Tonight’s opponent specifically is on another level when it comes to tanking, having lost 24 of their last 25. To put that in perspective, the Grizzlies have won as many games since February 1st as Team LeBron James has in the All-Star Game. Tank that for data!

If we lose this...

During the Game

This has been the most blah possible start.

Ok who cares about the playoffs if this is the energy we’re going to see

we’re a bunch of losers

man..Marc just palms the ball like its a tennis ball, fun to watch

Please put this game away so i can stop watching. This is not fun to watch.

All the calls are even going the Wolves way and they can’t seem to get a lead.

KAT completely lost on defense multiple times tonight

After the Game

My disappointment level is so high right now.

Well we no longer have to debate the worst loss of the season.

False hope. Thank you timberwolves for breaking my heart once again

You can blame it all on KAT, but what is really comes down to is Thibs minutes management. These guys are dead tired at the end of games and it clearly shows when we put up stinker crap like this.

Thibs lacks creativity in all areas--roster management, bench usage, everything. Stubborn to point of damaging.

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