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View from the Enemy: Grizzlies vs. Trail Blazers

“The Grizzlies need to do a better job of tanking.”

View from the Enemy

The Memphis Grizzlies won against the Minnesota Timberwolves and decided to follow it up with another win for the second game in a row against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources, Portland Trail Blazers SB Nation Blog Blazers Edge GameThread, and Portland Trail Blazers RealGM forum.

Before the Game

Gotta pick up these easy games, Memphis is coming off a pretty big win over the Wolves, so this game might be tougher then it seems.

Wade Baldwin, who should play tonight vs Memphis, downplayed the chance to face his former team: “Those days are behind me. I had a chance to play Memphis in the D League, so if there was any kind of revenge, that was it. Here on this level, you’ve got to do the right thing.”

During the Game

CJ is not allowed to miss tonight.

Missing Moe Harkless and Damian Lillard, but Portland still leads Memphis by 8 after one. Not too shabby.

Marc Gasol’s about as interested in this game as I’d be in a ballet marathon.

As part of the NBA CBA, Memphis must now sign over the rights to their franchise to Jusuf Nurkic after that steal and bank shot.

Marc Gasol hasn’t been in the game since 5:20 in the third quarter

After the Game

The Grizzlies need to do a better job of tanking.

How many 10-day contract players does it take for the Grizzlies to beat the Blazers? Turns out, just one.

Typical Blazers, win a big game on and blow it to a team that isn’t even trying to win at this point in the season

Blazers shot poorly from the 3pt line and the FT line. Grizzlies were on fire from the 3pt line. If anyone other than CJ would have hit some 3’s, we would have won.