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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Utah

“The Jazz would be in trouble if Memphis actually had any desire whatsoever to win this game.”

View from the Enemy

The Grizzlies lost in Utah in a tight game until the fourth quarter, where the Jazz pulled away. Memphis played their young assets during the last minutes of the game. The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Utah Jazz SB Nation Blog SLC Dunk.

Before the game

Now I think we’ll lose to the Grizz, then lose the remaining six, not make the playoffs forever.

They just beat Minny and Portland.

Ricky is out.

I predict that Q manages to not play Exum over 20 minutes unless it’s a blowout.

Super trap game alert.

Gasol has an evil look on his face during warmups.

First half

Memphis playing nasty D.

The Grizz are going to trap DM all night long.

I’m 99% sure that Memphis wins tonight.

Hope we blow them out in the third.

Second half

i hate all people named Gasol.

For Hell Sake.

Need to get it together. Lay some D on Gasol.

Or just let Gasol make eight thousand threes...

This is nuts.

Another guy going to have a career night against us I guess.

jfc gasol. Chill bro.

Now Brooks’ turn to light us up.

Can we sign this Brooks guy in the offseason? - seems like instant offense.

jazz need a lead before gasol plays. otherwise this game might slip away.

The Jazz would be in trouble if Memphis actually had any desire whatsoever to win this game. Gasol is playing like a man possessed, 28 pts in 23 minutes, with only one missed shot…and he’s been sitting out for an extended stretch on purpose so the Grizzlies DON’T WIN, but as per usual lately, the Jazz can’t get out of their own way. This will be two games in a row the Jazz are playing down to the level of the opposing team’s bench.

Dante is awesome.

I’m so glad I turned the game back on and got to catch most of the 4th quarter.

I’d be really surprised if the NBA doesn’t fine the Memphis Grizzlies for their blatant tank job in Utah. While it’s a relief to see Utah get a victory, this felt like plugging in the game genie in the 3rd quarter. It was hollow. Tanking teams really throw off the playoff race late in the season and not for the better.

The Grizzlies have been playing well, beating teams. That is good for the future. Is losing an extra game or so down the stretch worth the ping-pong balls if you alienate one of your key players (Gasol) down the stretch? He looked very agitated during the fourth when he wasn’t subbed back in.