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View from the Enemy: Memphis at San Antonio

“Marc Gasol and the G-League All-Stars are playing pretty well.”

View from the Enemy

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies in a tight game. Despite again another loss, Memphis competed against San Antonio with a roster full of inexperienced players.

The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Pounding the Rock, the San Antonio Spurs SB Nation Blog’s GameThread.

Before the game

Sort of surprised Aldridge is playing tonight. Pop must really feel the urgency.

I hope Pau used a big brother favor to tell Marc to throw this game.

I was told that there would be data.

During the game

Tony (Parker) working hard now!!! Good!

Parsons shaqtin a fool right there. Kyle falls down but he still cant make the open J.

They’re shooting 53% and we’re shooting 34% and it’s a one point game…….

Are the grizz the worst team in the league or is it the suns?

I think it is widely agreed that Memphis is going to tank, but they are up by 4 in the 2nd.

Marc Gasol and the G-League Allstars are playing pretty well.

If we’re tanking we gotta end up with Doncic on the draft.

And Kyle Anderson again!

Slo mo is channeling kawhi!

Dillon Brooks can play.

Add Dillon Brooks to the long list of random guys to go off on the Spurs.

Nice 3 there, TONY!!!! Vintage Tony. 19 points.

JaMychal is my kinda guy. I would not mind getting him again.

Spurs 98-91… think S.A. can win this!

We turned the ball over down 3.

Why was LMA up on Gasol risking the and 1.

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