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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Chicago

“I didn’t know who Dillon Brooks was but I know who he is now.”

View from the Enemy

It was a battle between two bottom of the league teams last night, and Memphis lost its fifteenth game in a row.

The highlight of the game was to see Dillon Brooks going off in the fourth quarter against Chicago. The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources, Chicago Bulls SB Nation Blog a Bull GameThread and Chicago Bulls RealGM forum.

Before the game

The Grizzlies are playing to lose and their roster is so bad with all these injuries that it will take a Herculean tanking effort by the Bulls to pull out a loss tonight.

There is a reason the Grizzlies have lost 14 games in a row. They are hell bent on getting Deandre Ayton or Luka Doncic and won’t let anything stop them from doing it.

Outside of the obvious holdover in Marc Gasol, it’s a bunch of strangers.

During the game

Memphis is sooooo bad and is their management the worse in the league (just check out their draft history).

They are essentially playing free agent rookies and are resting their veterans (Chalmers, Evans, Parsons, holding out Conley).

Wow. Memphis is really, really, really horrible.

Man, I once had high hopes for McLemore...

Remember how bad this board wanted Ben McLemore?

I don’t blame people for wanting McLemore, guy had tools and upside. It’s pretty clear by this point he’s not going to be much more than a journeyman, though.

Memphis will NOT be denied a top 3 pick. Still a pretty quality franchise though, they’ve been a consistent playoff team for about a decade now. Would be interesting to see if they landed a true franchise player to join Gasol and Conley.

Memphis should have their team name taken away from them. It’s criminal that a Grizzly be mentioned with such a pathetic and unintimidating team.

If Memphis is gonna come out and play like this they don’t get to be the Grizzlies anymore. They’re the Koalas until they right this ship.

Bulls up 13 at the half?! Pathetic. Next guy that hits a 3 needs to be taken out right away.


Cameron Payne tank commanded a Memphis come back.

All Dunn needs to do is play like he does 80% of the time and the Grizzlies can pull this off.

Somehow Memphis is coming back...Hoiberg needs to take out portis and go full tank...this is their chance!

Memphis came back with a lineup of second round picks and undrafted players...

1 point game! The tank is ALIVE!

I didn’t know who Dillon Brooks was but I know who he is now.

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