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The Week-side Help: Week 26 - Not so grand finale

Memphis finishes its season and The Week-side Help finishes its weekly helping with some thank you’s

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Week 26 Results

Memphis Grizzlies 94 (22-59) @ Minnesota Timberwolves 113 Recap | Box Score

Memphis Grizzlies 123 (22-60) @ Oklahoma City Thunder 137 Recap | Box Score

Week 26 Storylines

-Robert Pera will remain the controlling partner and owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, he said in an email to season ticket holders. A buy/sell option was invoked by the minority owners that could have shifted controlling power, and ownership of the team, to them if Pera decided to sell.

-Memphis lost their two final games of the season, ending with a final record of 22-60

-Required Reading: GBB’s Mac Trammel covered the exit interviews of the Memphis Grizzlies for us at the site and came away with three big takeaways from what was said | With the hullabaloo surrounding Memphis’ first-round pick, returning GBBer Elbert Hubbard Jr. analyzed how the Grizzlies can use their very-high second round pick this summer

Week 26 Thoughts

-My Russell Westbrook takes are more on the unflattering side, but he was incredible against the Grizzlies in his quest to average another triple double. The fact that he chased all year to get to that point was eye-rolling for me, but since he was so close with one game left, he might as well go all out. Go all out he did.

-MarShon Brooks didn’t end as hot as he started, but I am fascinated by him and Dillon Brooks’ progression going into next year. Are we allowed to have two good Brooks? Do we have to hire Scott Brooks as coach now? Who knows.

-(Other Grizzly Bear Blues writers don’t read this...

...I’m definitely going to use “Too Many Brooks” as a headline or a joke in an article if they both have bad games on the same night next year. Do not steal. Copyright @asaprockytop)

-There were only two games this week, none of them mattered, and the season ended. Do I get a pass on not having a robust Week X Thoughts section? I say yes.

Final Official Permanent Lottery Watch of the Week

Final NBA Lottery Standings via

The Grizzlies clinched the #2 pre-lottery spot this week, and now all there is to do is wait for May 15th.

As said before in this section, the #2 pre-lottery spot guarantees a top-5 pick at worst, because the lottery draws the top three teams and the rest are ordered by final record.

Congrats to Phoenix on being the worst, and shame on Sacramento whose final record should have been way worse with the roster they have, especially when the front office and coach already acknowledge they’ll need ANOTHER year of development.

Prospect of the Week: F Justin Jackson, So., University of Maryland

Inspired by Elbert Hubbard’s 2nd-round pick article, I decided to look at who could be available around the 32nd pick, and who looks like a legit contributor at the next level. With that, I ended up close to home with Justin Jackson.

I live in the DMV-area. I’ve seen Justin Jackson play in person at least a dozen times and have been impressed every time. In fact, if he didn’t have a season-ending shoulder injury so early, he could have played himself into the first-round and possibly the lottery. He’s had NBA size, 6’7” with a 7’3” wingspan, 220 pounds, from his first college game. He battled a debilitating shoulder injury when he actually did play this season and his numbers were quite stinky because of it.

But a year ago? Jackson looked like the best 3-and-D prospect in college. He shot .438 from the field and... .438 on three-pointers in his freshman season. And he constantly looked like the best defender on a team full of juniors and seniors.

Memphis has some wings in Chandler Parsons, and Dillon and MarShon Brooks, but Justin Jackson could provide extra depth and size at a position so Jarell Martin can FINALLY stop playing small forward.

Goodbye, Memphis

I am unimaginably thankful that The Week-side Help is a thing. It has been my therapy and sounding board for a incredibly weird and awful season.

I got to try out new things, talk about whatever I want, and no one has told me to stop writing (yet). Every Sunday when I hit submit on these posts, I never felt that they were going wasted. I’ve had a tremendous editor in Joe Mullinax who has never discouraged me from a weird idea, and let me learn throughout 26 weeks of this article.

I haven’t written many opinion posts that are not WSH-related this season. I looked forward to saving up my crazy thoughts in my iPhone notes app throughout the week and spewing them for you lovely readers to endure. If I didn’t have this avenue through which to vent, this season would have killed my love of Memphis Grizzlies basketball.

Thank you to,, and Frankie Vision’s channel on YouTube which have been content crutches for me this year. Tankathon is the best lottery resource available, basketball-reference is the Library of Alexandria for basketball, and Frankie Vision’s “full coverage” videos made me play fake scout when talking about prospects each week. All of their resources have been extremely valuable to me this season in making The Week-side Help weekly.

And you, the reader, got to watch and endure all of this in real time. You saw the same disgusting offensive performances by this team, you had the same shock when David Fizdale was fired, and you had the same confusion when Tyreke Evans wasn’t traded. Thank you for being a part of the ride. I mean that personally, by reading The Week-side Help every Monday, but also for following Grizzly Bear Blues. I could not be more thankful to have a community of people that support us and follow us, and this season has made me appreciate you all even more.

Have a good week, Memphis. See you in October.

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