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NBA 2K League games will broadcast on Twitch

You’ll be able to watch Grizz Gaming games on the live-streaming website

Memphis Grizzlies

The NBA 2K League and Twitch announced a multiyear partnership today that will include all NBA 2K League games being broadcast on Twitch, the live-streaming network. According to the press release from the 2K League and the Grizzlies, fans will also be able to go watch the games on demand if they miss the live broadcast. The direct link to watch the games will be at once the website is up and running.

This partnership means that all Grizz Gaming, the team for the Memphis Grizzlies, and eSports fans will be able to watch all games and tournaments throughout the 2K league’s inaugural season. The free live-streaming allows casual fans across the nation to check out the new eSports league without having to invest any money, similar to what the G-League did last season with Facebook Live.

Grizz Gaming fans will get to watch their own Larell Mitchell, Troy Minott II, Antonio Saldivar, Bono Nikolic, Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan, and Daniel Davis compete in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K league. The partnership with Twitch comes weeks after the 2K League aired its inaugural draft on the live-streaming website. The live streams will stream up to 199 games throughout the season with live commentary, analysis and additional league updates.

The NBA has been progressive in allowing their fans easy, free access to their less known leagues to help promote them with Twitch and Facebook Live.

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