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Grizzlies News Update: Parsons, Martin, Selden, Teague out, Johnson in

Memphis announced several injury updates Friday, as well as made a roster move.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Michael Wallace of Grind City Media, the media group for the Grizzlies, announced/tweeted out multiple pieces of information Friday that are relevant to the Grizzlies moving forward this season, and possibly beyond.

First, the “good” news...well, for everyone but Marquis Teague.

The Grizzlies replaced one Hustle star for another. Johnson has shown good ability in his time with the Grizzlies G-League squad, and the release of Teague feels like more of an acknowledgement Memphis will be without multiple wings the rest of the way (that part is in the bad news coming up) than an indictment of what Teague can be moving forward. In fact, Wallace mentioned on Twitter that Teague and the Grizzlies parted on good terms and Memphis may see Marquis as part of their future offseason plans, maybe in to training camp/next G-League season.

Johnson is capable of eating NBA minutes on a really bad team, and he can launch threes (he led the G-League in made three pointers per game) which is exactly what he is going to do because...

There’s why you signed the 6’9” wing Johnson.

Jarell’s absence isn’t too surprising, but it really is disappointing that he will not be able to finish his career year. He certainly isn’t a perfect basketball player, or even a very good one by NBA standards, but considering he had to play out of position on so many occasions and play outside of his ideal role as a reserve? He did some good things this season, and has likely earned a spot on this roster next season.

The other two? Far more upsetting in the long term...especially Chandler Parsons. Wayne Selden Jr. has had injury issues throughout the season as well, but he is not the one on the max contract. As I have stated multiple times, the idea that Chandler lives up to that deal is almost certainly a foolish one at this point. But he showed, as did Wayne, the ability to be an average-to-good NBA player for extended stretches this season.

This injection procedure is almost certainly the right thing for the players and organization moving forward. The question is, just how involved is this procedure? Especially for someone like Parsons, whose history of knee issues has volumes at this stage of his career, is this something that could linger in to a 2018 training camp? Since it is an injection and not a “minimally invasive knee surgery”, which Kyrie Irving reminded us does not exist, hopefully both Wayne and Parsons will be ready to go by October.

Once Johnson gets minutes in place of the injured Martin/Parsons/Selden, he will be the 24th player to log minutes for the Memphis Grizzlies this season. We’re getting dangerously close to that 2015-2016 team, who played 28 guys on their way to a playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs. No postseason for Memphis this time around, though...


Stick with GBB as we close out the 2017-2018 season this month with news updates, player reviews/grades, the GBBLive podcast, and NBA Draft 2018 coverage. Memphis’ season is ending, but we’re just getting started.

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