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The Week-side Help: Week 25 - Brooks Brothers

In the penultimate edition of The Week-side Help, Dillon and MarShon Brooks get credit for balling out and building excitement for next year

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Week 25 Results

Memphis Grizzlies 95 (21-57) @ New Orleans Pelicans 123 Recap | Box Score

Sacramento Kings 94 @ Memphis Grizzlies 93 (21-58) Recap | Box Score

Detroit Pistons 117 @ Memphis Grizzlies 130 (22-58) Recap | Box Score

Week 25 Storylines

-Memphis signed G MarShon Brooks to a two-year deal after his surprising performance on a 10-day contract. Brooks has averaged 23.3 ppg with the Grizzlies this season.

-Memphis signed F Omari Johnson to a multi-year deal as well. Johnson previously played the season for the G-League Memphis Hustle. The Grizzlies waived G Marquis Teague to make roster space while also guaranteeing Teague’s money.

-Memphis won their final home game of the season against the Detroit Pistons, finishing the week 1-2.

Week 25 Thoughts

-I love seeing young people getting money. I love seeing young talent finally putting it together. I love this MarShon Brooks season (Stretch? Fortnight? (Not the game, you wacky millenials)). I’m so ready to be disappointed when it turns out Brooks is the player he’s been his whole career and not this Kobe-Lite star that he has been the last five games. I don’t care. Nothing hurts anymore after Ben McLemore being bad before AND after his contract signing with the Grizzlies.

-If this MarShon Brooks signing doesn’t work, I won’t even be too mad at Chris Wallace. He found a diamond in the rough and took a swing on him with the hopes of him still being a diamond for the next couple of years. Besides, there are PLENTY of other reasons to be mad at Chris Wallace.

-But seriously, MarShon Brooks! This is actually coming out of nowhere. He’s been a super efficient scorer for this team,

-In a perfect world, Mike Conley, MarShon Brooks, Tyreke Evans, and Dillon Brooks somehow, someway get some playing time together next season. It might not be very good because it’s four guards, but it will definitely be a lot of fun.

-Transitioning into the other Brooks, Dillon continues to show off and show out in the final month of the year. After almost notching a triple double against the Pistons Sunday (22-8-8), Brooks is averaging 17.3 points a night in under 30 minutes of action. Andrew Harrison and Deyonta Davis were sophomores that showed signs of progress in their second year, I can’t wait to find out how Dillon will evolve in 2018-19.

-Please, do not call him Dilly Dilly.

-The Grizzlies have now had 24 different players log minutes for them this season. Gettin’ real close to that 28 mark set a couple of years back.

-Bogdan Bogdanovic translates to Bogdan Son of Bogdan. He is the internet’s favorite son including mine. Thank you for the tanking help, my son.

-Memphis actually had an adult offense on Sunday! They made 48 field goals and assisted on 36 of them. Generally, the higher a team’s assist percentage, the better they are at running their offense because it measures how well they find the open man and how well that man can score. For context, Memphis has an assist percentage of 58.8%, surprisingly 12th in the NBA.

-Tyreke has missed the last two weeks to a “personal” matter according to the team. I had no idea that Reke took tanking so personally. I appreciate it.

Official Permanent Lottery Watch of the Week

And just like that, the Phoenix Suns have clinched the best odds going into the lottery on May 15th.

It’s no guarantee they walk away with the number one pick, but it does guarantee that they get anywhere between #1 and #4. For a team whose highest draft pick in the past 21 years was the #4 pick, that’s doing pretty good.

Meanwhile,the Grizzlies have all but clinched the #2 spot which would guarantee them, at worst, the #5 pick. Even if Memphis does pick there, there’s still quality talent to be had. This draft isn’t very deep throughout, but it is deep at the top with plenty of prospects who look like they can change a franchise. But still, try to lose these next two, Memphis.

Prospect of the Week: C Mohamed Bamba, Fr. University of Texas

I got to be honest, I have no idea how Bamba will shake out in the NBA. Which makes me all the more excited to see him play at the next level.

The first thing that stands out when you see Mohamed Bamba is his freakish wingspan. It’s been measured at 7’9” which is just a hair longer than Rudy Gobert’s, to whom Bamba draws the most comparisons. The key difference is that Bamba has shown early on that he is willing and (semi-)able to shoot from deep. He averaged just half a three-pointer a game on 27.5% shooting. No one is gonna confuse him for Kevin Durant, but having a center that’s at least willing to shoot does wonders for your team’s spacing, which is exactly how Marc Gasol has contributed the last couple of years.

Bamba’s potential lies in his shot-blocking. He swatted 3.6 attempts a night at Texas in just over 30 minutes of play a game. With his anticipation, physical makeup, and skill-set, he can be a terrific shot blocker for years to come at the next level

Week 26 Schedule and Preview

Memphis Grizzlies @ Minnesota Timberwolves Mon. Apr 9th 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM CT

Memphis Grizzlies @ Oklahoma City Thunder Weds. Apr 11th

That’s it! It’s over! We’re wrapping up the season!

About dang time if you ask me.

Memphis can be a big time spoiler to these teams’ playoff hopes and their own hopes of getting the #1 pick in the process. If Memphis wins both of these games, or even one, it could cause havoc in the tightly contested West.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are riding the struggle bus pretty hard right now. At one point they were the third-best team in the loaded Western Conference. Now they might make the NBA Playoffs. Memphis somehow won the match-up the last time these two met behind a huge Wayne Selden Jr. game. If the T-Wolves are for real and if Tom Thibodeau can actually coach a good game in 2018 (remains to be seen), they’ll win this game easily. But who knows with this team, who still sorely miss JImmy Butler and are 11-13 without him.

And the grand finale will come against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have a slightly better chance than Minnesota to make the playoffs. As of Monday morning, they have a one-game advantage over the Timberwolves in the standings as they both try to stave off the currently-ninth Denver Nuggets.

The Thunder are fighting for their playoff lives while the Grizzlies likely have half of their lockers packed away already. Memphis shouldn’t win. Seriously, they shouldn’t to maintain their lottery position. BUT, beating Russell Westbrook and forcing the Thunder out of the playoffs would be a dream ending to a nightmarish season.

Have a good week, Memphis.

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