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2018 Mock NBA Draft Roundup: Grizzlies options at 4 overall

Lots of possibilities.

Kansas v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Every Friday between now and the NBA Draft, we at GBB will be doing a Mock Draft roundup for the 2018 NBA Draft. In the wake of the Memphis Grizzlies falling out of the top three, the frustration around the drop has turned in to sheer curiosity as to what the Grizzlies may do. Regardless of how the selections of the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, and Atlanta Hawks play out, Memphis figures to have either a high-ceiling or high-floor prospect on the board for them to bring to the Bluff City.

Then, there’s the trade possibility. Memphis appears to be the most likely franchise to entertain trade possibilities of those in the top five.

Everything is on the table for the Grizzlies. The following is the result of some mock drafts for the Grizzlies at #4 that have been released since the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night.

Chris Stone of the Sporting News- Jaren Jackson Jr. Forward/Center, Michigan State

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Jackson is widely assumed to be the pick for Memphis if they stay at 4, if Marvin Bagley III is off the board, and assuming all this Luka Doncic talk of staying in Europe is just that - talk. You certainly could do worse than Jackson, who Memphis interviewed at this week’s NBA Draft Combine. Stone sees Jackson as someone who could be Marc Gasol’s heir to the big man throne-

As one of the youngest prospects in 2018, Jackson has exciting room for growth. He’s the best big man defender in the draft class and flashes exciting offensive potential. He has the potential to take over for Gasol as he ages.

Jackson’s size and raw ability is tantalizing. He wasn’t able to dominate competition in college, but his youth leads you to believe that he can find confidence through physical and mental maturity. His fit is not ideal, but if Memphis is in “best available” draft mode, he makes sense here.

ESPN is among the many other outlets that also have the Grizzlies selecting Jackson.

Gary Parrish, Michael Porter Jr., Forward, Missouri

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Now it gets interesting.

Memphis has been in need of a scoring wing for a very long time. No one gets that better than Parrish, a Memphian himself (and a friend of GBB) who is a college basketball expert for CBS Sports. Parrish writes that, in his eyes, the injury concerns that come with Porter do not outweigh the possibility of taking that level of perimeter player who can score and facilitate-

...Porter projected as a serious contender to be the top pick of the 2018 NBA Draft -- meaning the Grizzlies could get real value here the way Philadelphia got real value when it snatched up an injured Joel Embiid with the third pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. To be clear, if doctors show concern, drafting Porter is a non-starter for Memphis. Period. But if everything checks out OK, I will not be surprised if the 6-10 combo forward plays his home games inside FedExForum and becomes the high-scoring/athletic wing the Grizzlies have needed forever.

Porter is gifted. There is no denying that. The Grizzlies may well be interested, as he was also interview by Memphis front office personnel at the combine. The Embiid example is promising. Yet that injury makes me, and the rest of Memphis, nervous. And there likely will not be any full clarity on the issue between now and June 21st.

Kevin O’Conner, The Ringer - Mohamed Bamba, Forward/Center, Texas

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images


Bamba is not a name you see on many mocks for Memphis, yet he is a young man whose measurables at the combine did open some eyes to just how dominant he may be able to be defensively. An obscene 7’10” wing span has visions of Rudy Gobert and Tyson Chandler dancing through the heads on NBA scouts...and Bamba has shown the possibility of being a three point shooter as well.

A future defensive player of the year? Certainly a possibility for Mohamed Bamba, whose length and athleticism may lend to him being a force immediately on that end of the floor. Don’t be lazy and think Hasheem Thabeet if Memphis goes in this direction at 4 - while Jackson or Porter may be the preferred options, Bamba will almost certainly be in the top 6-ish picks taken.

This isn’t ideal. It wouldn’t be a full blown disaster either.

One last note on this particular mock - O’Conner has Bagley falling to six. If that occurs, I will eat a print out of this article.

Sagar Trika (@BlazersBySagar)’s 2018 NBA Fake Draft- TRADE ALERT!

Memphis Grizzlies v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Sagar is a great Twitter follow and has done a remarkable job organizing a NBA Twitter mock draft. He asked me to participate representing the Grizzlies, and I have had a blast...maybe too much fun. My fellow bloggers and I have conducted way too many trades for this to be considered anything near realistic, but I do think one trade I did shows how much Memphis should value this #4 overall pick.

I traded the pick to Orlando for the following -

2018 30th overall pick (ORL got in another trade, again, way too many trades), 2019 unprotected ORL 1st round pick, 2019 unprotected ORL 2nd round pick, 2020 OKC 1st Round Pick protected 1-20, 2021 ORL top three protected 1st round pick.

Yes. Essentially four firsts and a second round pick for #4 overall.

The Magic GM really, REALLY, liked the idea of having both 4 and 6 in this fake mock draft. I move back...all the way this draft, but I restock the Grizzlies draft cupboard without having to part with any other long-term resources. I also have some pieces to maybe move up in this mock...stay tuned for that.

Again, this draft is nuts. I also got Jae Crowder and #19 overall from the Jazz for #32 overall and JaMychal Green, and then went and took that #19 overall pick, the 2019 2nd rounder of Memphis, and Chander Parsons and turned it in to LaMarcus Aldridge and #49 overall somehow. But if the Grizzlies want to trade #4, multiple firsts - maybe even a later lottery pick and a 2019 first - must be included.

At least in the eyes of this fake Grizzlies GM. Follow Sagar for more of the insanity that is that fun Twitter mock draft.

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