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2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft - #2: TRADE ALERT

Who is making the pick?

NBA: Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft is under way! We are recapping picks here at GBB from now until draft week, and we have arrived at #2 overall (and our first trade of the mock draft!)

First, a review of where we are in the draft.

  1. Phoenix Suns - Deandre Ayton, center, University of Arizona

Given that we had our first trade with this pick, here is how the trade process works in the GBB mock. A trade is submitted to me and then I put it to a panel of respected and wonderful NBA/Grizzlies folks - Sagar Trika (whose NBA Twitter mock I am currently involved in), former GBBer and current Patreon page creator Matt Hrdlicka, and Sports56 WHBQ’s (and huge fan of the GBB bump) Peter Edmiston. All three must sign off on any trade before it can become official. This adds a layer of legitimacy and reality needed in this process, and their time is appreciated.

Here is the trade that has altered the mock NBA landscape-

The Boston Celtics (run by Connor Dunning @cdunning901) receive- #2 overall, Skal Labissiere

The Sacramento Kings (run by Nathan Chester @BigNateChester) receive- Jaylen Brown, 2019 Kings 1st round pick

First, Sacramento on why they do the deal-

Sacramento did not have a 1st round pick in 2019, so it was a priority to get one in the trade. In my own opinion, I received great value for the pick. I received Jaylen Brown, a former top 3 pick as well as a future all-star, and a 2019 pick that will likely be in the top 10. It was a good trade for SAC’s future.

With the #2 pick in the 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select Luka Doncic, forward, Real Madrid.

Basketball: Luka Doncic Sipa USA-USA TODAY NETWORK

Here is Boston again on why they made the move and went in on Doncic-

Boston, I know, I traded Jaylen Brown. Back away from the pitch forks/torches for a moment and give me a chance to explain. Luka Doncic, under Brad Stevens, has the potential to be Larry Bird 2.0.

He opens up the floor for Boston in a way Jaylen Brown could not do. His size and playmaking ability is arguably the best we have seen in years. Plus, in Boston, he has zero pressure. He can develop at his own pace and sit comfortably behind veterans like Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum when he needs to. He has a solid group of players to learn from and an equal amount of young guys to make his transition go smoothly. He also allows Kyrie to play off ball, which is scarier than Michael Myers slowly walking toward in a dark alley.

Brown’s hamstring has the possibility of being a problem, and I have a sneaky feeling he may be more a product of Brad Steven’s system than we think (i.e Jae Crowder.) Doncic’s ceiling, like it or not, is higher than Brown’s.

In my opinion, giving up Brown and a 2019 pick for Doncic and Skal, a talented prospect that gives Boston more depth, was a no-brainer and a risk that both Danny Ainge and Bill Simmons would be proud I was willing to take. Doncic can change a franchise. A 19-year old doesn’t win the Euro MVP and championship by accident…

Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford. Wow. The Celtics are going to be a force for years to come. Meanwhile, the Kings right a previous wrong and also get a very talented young wing in Brown to help their own rebuild process.

Check back in Tuesday for picks three and four, including what the mock Memphis Grizzlies will do at #4 overall!

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