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2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft: Pick #6- Orlando Magic

And there goes the scorer.

Big 12 Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft is under way! The draft is continuing through our Twitter account @sbngrizzlies if you want to follow it there as it develops. We are recapping picks here at GBB from now until draft week, and we have arrived at #6 overall with the Orlando Magic and their mock GM Colin Griffith (@colingriffGBB).

First, a review of where we are in the draft. Check out this link to catch up on trade/pick explanations in our mock.

  1. Phoenix Suns- Deandre Ayton, center, University of Arizona
  2. Boston Celtics via Sacramento Kings- Luka Doncic, guard/forward, Real Madrid
  3. Atlanta Hawks- Jaren Jackson Jr., forward/center, Michigan State University
  4. Philadelphia 76ers via Memphis Grizzlies- Michael Porter Jr., forward, University of Missouri
  5. Dallas Mavericks- Marvin Bagley III, forward, Duke University

With the 6th pick in the 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic select Trae Young, guard, University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Orlando believes in the Trae Young least the mock Magic do. Here is Colin’s explanation of the selection-

I feel like he makes a lot of sense in Orlando. Elfrid Payton couldn’t shoot well and wasn’t the answer. He’s more or less Payton’s opposite. No one in Orlando needs the ball in their hands as much as Young, and he can bring in a crowd and could help Gordon and some of the other young guys improve by having a point guard with good passing chops.

Not to mention the tickets that are about to be sold for mock Magic games. This would be a solid pick for Orlando.

Check back for our next pick, the Chicago Bulls, as our mock draft rolls along!