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Latest ESPN Mock Draft has Luka Doncic falling to 4 for Memphis


Real Madrid v Boston Celtics Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, look who’s there for the Grizzlies at 4!

In ESPN’s latest Mock Draft, Jonathan Givony projects that for some dumb reason the Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks both pass on arguably the most accomplished player in NBA Draft history and decide to go with bigs. Beyond the expected (and understandable) selection of Deandre Ayton by the Phoenix Suns at 1 in the 2018 NBA Draft, things go a bit off the rails as Sacramento takes Marvin Bagley III (the Kings are not high on Doncic, according to reports) and Atlanta decided to take Jaren Jackson Jr. (ATL will choose best talent available that fits their biggest need).

This would all lead to the wonderful road that is LUKA FREAKING DONCIC AT 4 FOR THE GRIZZLIES. Here is Givony on the pick, who points to poor performances from Doncic in March and April (after playing basketball for 18 straight months) as a possible reason for the slide-

...Considering their aging core, financial woes and precarious ownership situation, the Grizzlies will likely be looking to return to playoff contention as quickly as possible. Doncic would be a dream selection for the Grizzlies because he has the size, skill and versatility to fit well alongside their existing talent while possessing star potential in his own right. It’s somewhat of a surprising outcome to see Doncic fall to No. 4, but that seems to be the way things are shaking out at the moment.

Excuse me for a moment...

(Runs out to outside of building)

(Climbs to the top of the highest nearby mountain)

(From the top of the peak)


(Runs back to computer)

If this were actually to happen, it would be multiple things.

  1. Not high on Luka? Welcome back KANGZZZZZ, we missed you.
  2. Atlanta would be overthinking things a bit. JJJ has real potential, but that feels like a pretty big reach with Doncic on the board, as it would be if Ayton was there for them at 3. Position or no position, talent and accomplishment should stand for something.
  3. Memphis could potentially Ainge someone for 4 overall. Philadelphia and Boston are just two examples of teams with lots of picks/assets to burn who could benefit from the elite “win-now” appeal of Doncic. While the Grizzlies likely would (and should) take Luka here, everyone has a price. Same holds true if the right offer comes through with the right tag-ons (getting off of the Parsons deal, All-Star caliber player, etc.)

Doncic is arguably the very best fitting prospect for Memphis. His skill set - passing, creating off the dribble, size and length on the perimeter - would help immediately, and considering Doncic is only 19 he could still get better than what he is now.

Athleticism concerns aside, to get that type of combination of fit and potential, ability and assistance in the here and now, at #4 overall? The GBB Draft Party would get a lot more lively after these events unfolded on the 21st.

Here’s to hoping!

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