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2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft: Pick #8- Cleveland Cavaliers

Who comes to King James’ (maybe) kingdom?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft is under way! The draft is continuing through our Twitter account @sbngrizzlies if you want to follow it there as it develops. We are recapping picks here at GBB from now until draft week, and we have arrived at #8 overall with the Cleveland Cavaliers and their mock GM Jonah Jordan (@_JonahJordan).

First, a review of where we are in the draft. Check out this link to catch up on trade/pick explanations in our mock.

  1. Phoenix Suns- Deandre Ayton, center, University of Arizona
  2. Boston Celtics via Sacramento Kings- Luka Doncic, guard/forward, Real Madrid
  3. Atlanta Hawks- Jaren Jackson Jr., forward/center, Michigan State University
  4. Philadelphia 76ers via Memphis Grizzlies- Michael Porter Jr., forward, University of Missouri
  5. Dallas Mavericks- Marvin Bagley III, forward, Duke University
  6. Orlando Magic- Trae Young, guard, University of Oklahoma
  7. Chicago Bulls- Collin Sexton, guard, University of Alabama

With the 8th pick of the 2018 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, guard, University of Kentucky

Kansas State v Kentucky Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Wow. The run at point guard continues, as three straight come off the board. SGA has skills and size, but most places have him going later in the lottery at the earliest.

So why Cleveland? Here is Jonah’s take on the selection-

...I think he has the highest potential of anyone left on the board. He’s a big guard who can make plays, and this Cleveland roster is begging for someone who can initiate a pick and roll not named LeBron James.

Alexander has an incredibly high basketball IQ and showed the ability to run an offense under John Calipari, who asks a lot of his point guards. If the next evolution of James’ career does entail him playing off the ball then grooming Alexander would make sense.

Is 8 too high for Alexander? Maybe, but efforts to trade back were rebuffed because nobody wanted JR Smith or George Hill.

Weird how that works sometimes.

Up next is the #9 pick, held by the New York Knicks!