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The value of the 2nd round to the Grizzlies

Could the Memphis Grizzlies trade to get into the latter part of the second round of the NBA draft?

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Why do the Memphis Grizzlies have so much more luck with the second round than they do with the first? Whether it’s Dillon Brooks, Sam Young, or even possibly Ivan Rabb, the Grizzlies have made some nice finds in the latter part of the draft, something that they have not consistently done with their first round picks.

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Truly, it is beyond me how the Grizzlies’ talent “evaluators” (and I do use that term loosely) are able to make excellent choices in the second round, but nearly every time they have to make a first round pick, they choose someone because he...

(in the best Patrick Star voice you’ve ever heard)




All painful memories aside, the Grizzlies will have a chance to right the wrongs of the past with the 4th pick this year. However, they could also give themselves another chance to strike gold in the latter part of the second round. The Grizzlies will have many nice options to consider with the 32nd pick, but it certainly would not hurt to add another opportunity through a trade like they did with Dillon Brooks last year.

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As for whom the Grizzlies should trade to add a pick in the 40-50 range, the answer greatly depends on what the Grizzlies do with the 4th pick. If they draft Trae Young for instance, Andrew Harrison becomes very expendable as the third point guard on the roster and could be traded to someone like the Houston Rockets at 46, who could honestly use another true point guard on the roster besides Chris Paul. If the Grizzlies draft Marvin Bagley III or Jaren Jackson Jr., on the other hand, Jarell Martin becomes expendable as the third power forward on the roster. The Grizzlies almost waived Jarell before the beginning of this past season, so if they could flip him for an asset now, they would likely do it.

Other scenarios are also possible. The Grizzlies would love to move Ben McLemore for a second round pick, but there probably is no team willing to take on his contract at this point. In an excellent (or awful depending on how you look at it) scenario where they trade Chandler Parsons and the 4th pick for Andrew Wiggins, the Grizzlies would perhaps wish to move someone from their crowded wing rotation (like MarShon Brooks) for another pick in the second round.

All things considered, the Memphis Grizzlies have some tough decisions to make. If the Grizzlies believe that certain young players on the roster will not have much of a role going forward, then they need to seriously consider moving them for another pick in a talented draft, in which future role players can likely be found in the second round.

As for whom the Grizzlies should consider drafting if they get another pick, I will discuss that in part 2 on Monday.

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