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The Memphis Grizzlies are getting a new look

The team filed applications for trademarks on two new logos.

Speculation on a new Grizzlies logo goes back to May of this year, and with a flurry of changes spotted by folks on Twitter over the last few days over on the feed of @ConradBurry and several others. On Conrad’s feed you can see several different folks noticing on ESPN’s coverage of the draft Thursday night, and on various websites, this new Grizzlies logo, minus the lightest shade of blue, and the addition of gray to the outline.

Then, at the introductory press conference for Jaren Jackson Jr. and Jevon Carter, which you can read all about here, the two newest Grizzlies didn’t do the customary hold-up-the-jersey-photo-op and the promo photos taken were in white shirts. No jersey to be found.

After some asking around within the Grizzlies, no one was willing to give me an answer, either on or off the record. Today, we finally got some confirmation of sorts that a change is coming.

Along with this “primary” logo, Conrad colorized the original black and white version of their new secondary logo, which was sort of leaked on the 2018 Draft Cap worn at the draft Thursday night.

So ultimately, what does this all mean?? With these changes we will most likely at minimum get some sort of updated version of this past season’s Nike jersey. But given Nike’s past of frequently updating designs, we could have a whole new look for the Grizzlies, just maybe not in the way people wanted.

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