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Memphis Grizzlies Mock Draft Roundup 2.0

Hey, getting the 4th pick isn’t too bad.

Duke v Kansas Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

When the Memphis Grizzlies received the fourth overall pick, it was near doomsday for the fanbase. Goodbye, DeAndre Ayton. Best wishes, Luka Doncic. Farewell, Marvin Bagley. Blog boys like me went from covering these 3 elite prospects to Jaren Jackson Jr., Mo Bamba, Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr. You even have people talking about Wendell Carter Jr. and Collin Sexton.

However, Grizz fans, don’t fret! Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley may very well be in reach.

News broke out that European sensation Luka Doncic could fall out of the top 3. In addition, you see more and more mock drafts with the Hawks selecting Jaren Jackson Jr. or Mo Bamba, even with Marvin Bagley on the board.

Could the Grizzlies luck out and land one of these elite prospects?

Who has Luka to Memphis?

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman have Luka Doncic going to the Memphis Grizzlies at the 4th pick.

Must be a Jonathan thing... OK that was bad, I’ll move on to their analysis.

  • Givony highlights Doncic’s versatility and skillset as an instant fit with this current Grizzlies team. In addition, he sees star potential in the European sensation, even with Conley and Gasol leading the charge.
  • Wasserman points out that Doncic’s lack of athleticism doesn’t yield a higher NBA upside. However, he does say that he fares well in Memphis because of Conley. With the Conductor returning, Doncic can guard NBA wings instead of point guards.

When the draft order was revealed, the idea of Luka Doncic falling seemed like a pipe dream. Now it’s become far more realistic, which is certainly ideal given that he’s the most perfect fit on this team.

Who has Bagley to Memphis?

In ESPN’s Mock Draft special, the committee had Marvin Bagley falling to the Memphis Grizzlies at 4.

They highlight his elite athleticism and production — hinting that he can be a possible 20 point-10 rebound guy immediately. His second jump and his skill in transition are extremely enticing. However, they question his defense and if his production can lead to winning. With Memphis, they see him as a perfect fit with Marc Gasol.

The Hawks will surely choose between Jaren Jackson Jr. and Marvin Bagley — given Ayton or Doncic go 1-2. If the Hawks go with Jackson, Memphis will find an immediate contributor and a new face of the franchise in Bagley.

Other Draft News

Most Memphis blog boys are jazzed about this news, as Trae Young was the most electrifying prospect in college basketball this past season. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how the time to find Conley’s replacement needs to come sooner rather than later. With the Grizzlies looking at Trae Young, it looks like they’re at least searching for Conley’s protégé.

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