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Is Kobi Simmons a keeper?

Is Kobi Simmons worth more than his Two-Way Contract?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Minnesota Timberwolves Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Kobi Simmons is entering his second year of a Two-Way Contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. Simmons went undrafted after one year at Arizona. He is listed as a point guard and played the position most of last season.

The Grizzlies currently have four players that play point guard under their control: Mike Conley, Andrew Harrison, Kobi Simmons, and the newly drafted Jevon Carter. Carter has looked overwhelmed at times in Summer League play while Simmons has shown improved scoring with his usual flashes of being out of control.

The Summer League coaching staff has decided to feature Simmons off ball next to Carter for the majority of their time in Utah and Vegas thus far. So the question surrounding the future of Kobi Simmons and the Memphis Grizzlies is whether or not they see him as a point guard or a scoring wing moving forward.

My answer to this burning question?


The Grizzlies have a problem. They have had a problem for years. They need young, athletic, ball handling players that can score the ball. Enter Kobi Simmons.

Sure, Chris Wallace has announced a return to the Grit’ N’ Grind culture, but you still have to score to win games. This roster features at most three guys you would consider super athletic, Jarell Martin, Ben McLemore, and Jaren Jackson Jr. Only JJJ is projected to have a nightly impact for this team while Ben McLemore might only see garbage minutes.

Simmons might never be a defensive stopper or even an average defender, but his length and athleticism coupled with his youth, in years and experience, means there is potential for that. But right now, Kobi Simmons is a scorer. He is not yet a playmaker.

While he does not play with the same level of ferocity, Kobi Simmons reminds me of Russell Westbrook.

Stay with me here.

They are both 6’3”/6’4” point guards with pogo sticks for legs. Both players attack the rim off the dribble first, then look to pull up next. Simmons might not rebound at the same level as Westbrook, but that is all a mind set.

Simmons is currently wildly inconsistent as a ball handler and playmaker, but he certainly would be a nice curve ball off the bench for a defensive minded team. Wallace is fairly criticized for his roster moves, but he may have found a diamond in the rough with Kobi Simmons. Whether off ball or point guard, Simmons is the type of player the Grizzlies have been waiting for.

The one stipulation is patience.