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My Memphis story

Nice to “meet” you.

Memphis Marks 50th Anniversary Of Martin Luther King Jr’s Assassination Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Picture this.

There’s a family of three sitting in the nosebleeds of The Pyramid. The father of the family is intensely into the game, while the mother is switching back and forth between watching the game, and quizzing her son on states and capitals of The United States. However, come the fourth quarter, whether the Grizzlies are down by 20, which was very often the case, or they were leading by 2, the homework was put away, and all attention was given to the game.

That was a part of the deal.

That’s right. My parents made me do homework at a live NBA game. My Mom would tell me, “You can watch the game, but you’re taking your homework with you, and it better be done by the fourth quarter.” My family and I are lifelong, die hard Grizzlies fans. My parents have never missed a game. As season ticket holders, they share their account with another family. So when it’s not their turn to attend a game, they’re sitting in the living room, watching. My Dad consistently yells at the TV in displeasure. If you’ve ever heard a really loud male yelling constantly while you’re at a game? That’s most likely my Dad.

As for me? I’m a Grizzlies super fan. I’m also a former GrizzLine member. GrizzLine. You know, the guys with the loud drums walking around FedExForum, and Beale Steet. Those guys. Also, remember the cymbal guys from University of Memphis pep band at the basketball games?

That was me as well. Remember those NCAA games in North Carolina, and Michigan where we only found heartbreak, after heartbreak? Remember how the camera was glued on the pep band after every commercial break, and the entire country was talking about how amazing The Mighty Sound of the South sounded on national TV? That was me, the time of my life with my band mates. Cheering on the Tigers like the city expected us to.


Why am I telling you all of this? I’m telling you this because I want you to understand, I’m as Memphis as it gets. I’m no outsider. I was born, and raised right here. I’ve been given an opportunity of a life time. I’ve been given permission to give my opinion about the team that I grew up cheering for. For those of you whom know me, you know I have a lot to say, both negative, and positive. I’ll have some takes that most of you will agree with, like how I think we have a gem in Jaren Jackson Jr. I’ll also have some opinions you’ll disagree with. One being how I think Rudy Gay will go down as one of the most under-appreciated Grizzlies players in the history of this franchise. I get angry when the front office does things that don’t make sense, like lose Tyreke Evans for nothing over a petty locker room issue. I get happy when Mike Conley proves he’s one of the best point guards in the league by outplaying Chris Paul in the playoffs, and playing with a broken face against Golden State. I hate how the national media doesn’t give Memphis any attention.

However, I hate how Memphians have become ok with being mediocre.

See? Told you.

That’s what I want. I want to start conversations. I want to start a little friendly argument amongst you and your buds. I want you to think outside the box, while remembering where you come from, and keeping that Memphis mentality that’s made me so proud to be from here. I’m looking forward to sharing my opinions with you all. Thank you to GBB for this opportunity. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started and have some fun along the way.