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Grizzly Bear Blues: The “Core 4” -- Episode 4

Nathan Chester is back in business with co-host Parker Fleming to talk about the dog days of the NBA offseason.

When an important player goes down in the NBA, the team always continues on without them. Similarily, whenever I am out of town, my co-host Parker Fleming makes sure that the Core 4 show must go on.

But I am now back, and we have a great show to cover the dog days of the NBA offseason (and neither of us bullied each other like Kevin Durant bullied CJ McCollum).

We discuss:

  • My recent mission trip to Uganda and an important lesson I learned while I was there
  • Summer League performances of Jaren Jackson Jr., Svi Mykhailuk, and Trae Young. Is Svi the next Klay Thompson
  • The loss of Jarell Martin and Deyonta Davis
  • CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant twitter beef

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