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Grizzlies reveal new uniforms for 2018-2019 Season

The Grizzlies are getting a new look

The Grizzlies introduced their new uniforms for the 2018-2019 season tonight as the organization shifts to a more modern look. Along with the new jerseys, the Grizzlies also enhanced their logos and will have the only court in the NBA where the court goes against the grain, meaning sideline to sideline instead of the usual baseline to baseline.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell was the first to post the new uniforms and court.

The Grizzlies also have added their main logo to the shorts on the uniform as well as the new MEM logo on the waistband.

GBB’s Mark King was live at FedExForum where he got a close up of the new jerseys.

Mark also got a snap of what the new game and practice court will look like.

The court going against the grain will surely stand out on TV. Another addition to the court is the solid “Beale Street Blue” that makes up the paint area near each basket. The court will no longer have the gold trim around the paint.

92.9 ESPN Memphis showed off the new logos, as the team goes for a more fierce look with the primary logo as well as the logo with the Grizzly palming the ball. The third logo is new and can also be seen on the waistline of the new jerseys. The MEM logo is a nod to the neon signs on Beale Street with its retro look.

The Grizzlies also further enhanced their partnership with FedEx via the new logo patch on the jersey.

The jersey partnership with FedEx came a year later than I expected, but it’s no surprise that the Grizzlies and FedEx partnered to put FedEx’s logo on the jersey.

The Grizzlies will likely reveal one more jersey at some point going into the season which will be their “City Edition” uniform, which were the MLK jerseys last year.

The night wouldn’t end without at least a little basketball talk as Conley gave an update on his health.

Per usual, the Grizzlies tried to incorporate all of Memphis in the design of their new jerseys, logo and court. Be sure to vote in the poll below on which of the new jerseys is your favorite!

You can check the full reveal video by the Grizzlies here.


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