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Grizzly Bear Blues: The “Core 4”—Episode 5

Is it really a hot take when you know that you’re right?

NCAA Basketball: South Florida at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! And we’re not just talking about the Memphis Grizzlies!

It has been a relatively quiet week as far as NBA news goes, but Parker and I still had plenty to talk about in this week’e edition of the Core 4.

As some of you are already aware, I stoked the ire of Kentucky basketball twitter earlier this week by committing the HEINOUS blasphemy of even suggesting that the Memphis Tigers under Penny Hardaway could end up being better than the Kentucky Wildcats.

Likewise, Parker irked some people by suggesting that Jaren Jackson Jr. and Dillon Brooks will lead a better Grizzlies team than any team on which the real Core Four ever played.

Never let it be said that we aren’t controversial.

As for the rest of the topics, we discussed:

  1. Why the Memphis Tigers will be better in Kentucky in a few years.
  2. Will a Jaren Jackson/Dillon Brooks-led team be a true contender?
  3. Grizzlies’ new uniforms and court
  4. The social impact of LeBron James and how he compares to Michael Jordan

We appreciate all of our listeners and all of the people who read our articles. We will be back next week at the same time!