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GBB Mailbag: Front Office Edition

What would you ask the Grizzlies FO??

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Press Conference Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We here at GBB know that you have strong opinions about the Grizzlies. Sometimes, it feels like the way you think, and any tweets/comments/whatever about the team get lost in the madness of all the different people in town commenting on the same topics.

This is your chance to make your voice heard in the Grizzlies community. On a semi-regular basis, we’ll reach out here on the blog, and on our various social media, with a question for you. Simply reply to the tweet, comment on Facebook, or comment on this post with your question. Then, we’ll take the best responses and put them in a column on here with reaction from various members of GBB.

With all of that said, let’s get to the first question.

With everything that has been going on with the Grizzlies this offseason, what is one question you would ask to the Grizzlies front office?

It could be directed at J.B. Bickerstaff, Chris Wallace, Chris Makris, John Hollinger, ANYONE in the Grizzlies hierarchy.

Comment below or comment/reply to the post linking to this article on social media, and look for the column with your answers later this week.