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Las Vegas releases over/under totals for the 2018-2019 season

Please Gamble Responsibly

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Without much on the docket in NBA news, we all must appreciate the smaller news that is announced. This latest news is for all the gamblers out there. On Sunday, Las Vegas’ Westgate Superbook released their season win totals for each NBA team. However, even if you do not gamble yourself, it is a good indicator at what the unbiased sources predict about the win totals for each team.

I will start with the Grizzlies and go through some of the highlights I see from these over/unders list. Vegas is normally spot on in making these numbers close to their real win totals, so it is hard to find the gems. I’ll list a few of my best bets and a confidence rating for each of the teams.

Let’s dive in.

Memphis Grizzlies- 34.5

The Memphis Grizzlies over/under right now sits at 34.5. This would give the Grizzlies a bump up from last season’s dumpster fire, but, at the same time, it is not expecting the team to make the playoffs. 34.5 wins would have Memphis tied for the 13th seed in the West with the Mavericks.

In my opinion, the Grizzlies will win a few more games than 35. It is hard to predict in the West with how much talent there is in the conference, but I see the team finishing in the 35-40 wins range. The additions of this offseason with hopeful health from the rest of the team should equate to more than 34.5 wins for the season.


Confidence Level: 4

Cleveland Cavaliers- 30.5

Next, the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, apparently they lost a pretty important player in LeBron James. This resulted in Vegas only having them win 30 games next season. I just do not see them doing that poorly even without the league’s best player. Of course, they will lose more games than they win, but the Cavs still play in the East and also just signed All-Star Kevin Love long term. Love has been a star by himself before, and I think he can carry this team by himself to a decent record. Look for the Cavs to do better than expected over the 30.5 games mark.


Confidence Level: 8

San Antonio Spurs- 43.5

The San Antonio Spurs seem to be one of the biggest question marks to the people around the league after their blockbuster trade a few weeks ago. However, I am not really sure why they are a question because the superstar that they lost in Kawhi Leonard hardly even played last season. So, when Vegas only believes in them winning around 43 games, I just do not understand it.

DeMar DeRozan will contribute more than Kawhi did last season plus they still have their genius at head coach, Greg Popovich. The only thing working against them is the improved West, but I do not see that affecting them drastically. With their addition of DeRozan, and less talked about addition of Jakob Poeltl, the Spurs will win more than 43 games next season.


Confidence Level: 9

Atlanta Hawks- 23.5

If you are a gambler (and I am guessing you are if you are still reading to this point), you know to normally stay away from anything involving the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks, and most bad teams in general, are just hard to read each night if they will give it their all or not. It is a headache for gamblers through the season, but the season total is something you may be able to take advantage of.

That being said, the Hawks are all in on building for the future. Their trade with the Mavericks on draft night showed this philosophy by taking on another pick in next year’s draft. Because of this, the team will be in tanking mode most of next season. Even as 23.5 wins is the lowest over/under on the board, I think the Hawks will win less than 20 games next season. It’ll be March and April when the Hawks will go on a huge losing skid to secure the worst record in the league, well under 23 wins.


Confidence Level: 7

Utah Jazz- 48.5

Last season, the Jazz won 48 games, and everything went perfect for them. Donovan Mitchell was the steal of the draft, and every role player stepped up for them filling the void left from Gordon Hayward. Vegas is saying that they will replicate this success this season, but I just do not see it. I may be in the minority with this position, but Donovan Mitchell will not continue his success into his sophomore season and will hit the dreaded “Sophomore Slump.” I love everything about Rudy Gobert, but I think he will be the only one to consistently shine on this team. All of this predicted regression, plus the aforementioned competitive Western Conference, will result in the Jazz falling back to around 45 wins this year.


Confidence Level: 6

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