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Memphis Grizzlies and their 2K ratings

NBA 2K is out, and that means the Memphis Grizzlies got their 2K ratings. Are they fair?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

NBA 2K19 will be released tomorrow in the United States, and it should dominate social media in #NBATwitter. The real fanatics, however, pre-ordered the game and played all weekend, capitalizing on the opportunity to collect quick myTeam, earn extra VC, and level up their myPlayer — and get past the unnecessarily long Prelude.

Underneath all that, the 2K world will finally get to see their favorite player and team’s ratings in this year’s game. It usually garners some uproar, as some players are rated too high or too low.

What was the 2K rating of each player on the Memphis Grizzlies? Were any ratings too high or too low?

At first glance, there are only a few players with undeserving ratings. Some fans may argue that MarShon Brooks was rated too low at 73. However, you may need to take off your fan goggles and see that he was out of the league for 4 years and put up big numbers on a tanking team. 73 is more than fine. In addition, people might say Chandler Parsons is rated too high, but any player with near-elite 3-point shooting and above-average playmaking will be in the “75” neighborhood.

Of all the players on this roster, Omri Casspi is rated too high, but it was probably just because he’s a solid 3-point shooter. Mike Conley, on the other hand, is rated too low. I understand he missed all of last season. However, the “missed games” logic is invalid when Gordon Hayward is rated an 88. He still isn’t 2-3 rating points lower than point guards like Kemba Walker or Kyle Lowry.

Other than that, all the 2K ratings for this team seem accurate. Hopefully, some players get a nice bump in their 2K rating throughout the season.

Go get 2K19 and dominate your competition with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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