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All Time Grizzlies in Today’s NBA Part 2

Which Five Players Make Up The Second Unit?

Gasol Dribbles Ball Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The NBA is evolving. Teams are catching on to what makes the Golden State Warriors unique. To win a ring now, you have to assemble a roster that can overcome KD, Steph and the gang.

If you missed part 1 (catch it here), the guidelines for building a team consisting of All Time Grizzlies players was laid out, as well as the starting lineup.

The Starters

PG: Mike Conley (2016-17)

SG: Mike Miller (2006-07)

SF: James Posey (2003-04)

PF: Rudy Gay (2010-11)

C: Marc Gasol (2016-17)

Now let’s build the second unit.

The Second Unit

PG: Mike Bibby (2000-01)

The first Vancouver Grizz to crack this roster is one of the best Vancouver Grizzlies there was. In his final season for the franchise, Bibby averaged 15.9 points, 8.4 assists, 1.3 steals, and 3.7 rebounds per game. He would not be as fun as the flashy Jason Williams would be in today’s open court NBA, but Bibby put up great numbers consistently.

SG: O.J. Mayo (2008-09)

One of the biggest mysteries in Grizz history is OJ Mayo. After his first two seasons in Memphis Mayo was never the same, but early OJ was a beautiful thing to watch. He finished that year at 18.5 points per game while shooting 38% from deep. He proved being worth the third overall pick right away despite falling off shortly thereafter.

SF: Shane Battier (2001-02)

Rookie Shane Battier is the second rookie to make this all time roster. He filled the stat sheets on a nightly basis in his first of many great seasons. He averaged 14.4 points (career high), 1.6 steals (career high), 2.8 assists(career high) and 5.4 rebounds (career high) per game. The stats were a product of being on a bad team and getting a lot of opportunities, but he made the most of those opportunities. Battier is a Grizz legend and could have arguably made the starting position for this All Time team, but he earned a spot nonetheless.

PF: Shareef Abdur-Rahim (1999-2000)

Another Vancouver Grizz, as well as the first Grizz on this list from the 1990’s. Shareef Abdur-Rahim had several great seasons for the franchise but the ‘99-00 season might have been his best. His final stat line was 20.3 points, 10.1 rebounds (career high) and 3.3 assists per game. Abdur-Rahim is a perfect small ball four in today’s NBA. It just so happens that that season he launched a career high 1.2 threes shooting 30%. He did, however, have seasons of 41% and 39% from downtown, so the ability was certainly there.

C: Pau Gasol (2006-07)

Following his first All-Star season, Pau Gasol missed the first 23 games of the campaign due to a broken foot. Once he returned to action, he played at a level even higher than his All Star campaign the previous season. He averaged career highs in points (20.8) and blocks (2.1), set his Memphis career high in rebounds (9.8), and pitched in 3.4 assists per game. It was his final full season before he moved on to the Lakers and won a couple championships. Pau is one of the most iconic Grizzlies ever and deserves a spot on this list.

All stats were used from Basketball Reference

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