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Memphis Grizzlies survival guide for the rest of the offseason

What can fans do for the last month to calm the anxiety of the new season? Here are a few options.

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2018 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The NBA offseason is easily the best offseason in pro sports, but it is still the offseason nonetheless. It has it’s high points: the NBA Draft, Free Agency, and the Summer League, but those are still no substitutes for real NBA action on a nightly basis.

The Memphis Grizzlies open their regular season on October 17th against Tyreke Evans and the Indiana Pacers. While October is just around the corner, it still seems we have to wait forever for the season to finally get here.

So while we wait to see Grit ‘N’ Grind 2.0, what is out there to hold us over until opening night? Here is a survival guide for the final stretch of the 2018 offseason!

Survival Videos:

Marc Gasol’s Summer

In case you didn't know, Grizzlies’ All Star Marc Gasol spent some of his summer rescuing refugees. ESPN did a feature on his incredible summer and you can check it out here.

Beyond Grit

NBA TV also had an entire day of Grizzlies programming in August. Besides showing reruns of previous classic games, they also aired Beyond Grit, a production by Grind City Media. Beyond Grit is an 11 episode series documenting the Grizzlies’ active offseason that you can find here.

Survival Audio:

If you have not listened to the Core Four Podcast hosted by Grizzly Bear Blues’ own Parker Fleming and Nate Chester, then you are missing out on the future of sports podcasting. Two of the best young basketball minds cover your Grizzlies but also the trending topics and the NBA at large.

Find it on iTunes here:


Find it on Soundcloud here:

Also be on the look out for the return of GBBLive!

Survival Games:

One of the best things about the month of September, besides the weather cooling (at some point), is the release of NBA 2K. 2K19 is here people and the Grizzlies have game friendly team this year. It is always fun to play with our guys online or even simulate a season to see what could happen.

Also in this category is actual basketball. The preseason schedule has been shortened, allowing for an earlier regular season start. The Grizzlies will play 5 preseason games to get ready for the season.

October 2: Grizzlies @ Rockets 7pm

October 5: Grizzlies vs Hawks 7 pm

October 6: Grizzlies vs Pacers 7pm

October 10: Grizzlies @ Magic 6pm

October 12: Grizzlies vs Rockets 7pm

The Grizzlies will get to see Trae Young come to the Forum and will visit Mo Bamba in Orlando. Two early looks at some of the top rookies along with our very own Jaren Jackson Jr.

As always, check out Grizzly Bear Blues daily for the best Grizzlies content available.

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