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The Core 4 Podcast - Episode 10

The “Core 4” Podcast has hit double digits!

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, who knew this would happen?

The “Core 4” Podcast has hit episode 10. That’s crazy, right? A podcast hosted by Pessimistic Parker and Negative Nate has lasted this long?


For real, we appreciate the support. Y’all are awesome.

The “Core 4” did make a second appearance this week, as we’re looking to rev up the NBA content and prepare you guys for the return of GBB Live. Unfortunately, Nathan couldn’t make it to the show, because being a college student sucks sometimes. However, we got ourselves a guest co-host for this one.

Jakob Eliason from the “Jakob Eliason Podcast” joined Parker to just talk hoops. He’s an up-and-coming podcaster in Memphis, giving you content on basketball, pop culture and life through a unique sense. Subscribe to the podcast and follow his podcast page on Twitter.

In this episode, Parker and Jakob talk about:

  • Chandler Parsons’ Players Tribune
  • What they’re looking forward to this NBA season
  • What teams we’re eager to see in the Grindhouse
  • Jerseys to rock to avoid looking like a basic in front of your friends.

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