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How to break up with Chandler Parsons

A How to Lose this guy in 10 days guide.

Memphis Grizzlies v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

To be honest, sometimes I forget Chandler Parsons is even on the team. He’s played that little in three years.

If you want the scoop in detail on the pending break up of the Memphis Grizzlies and Chandler Parsons, read this piece by the fearless leader of Grizzly Bear Blues, Joe Mullinax.

So how are the Grizzlies going to be able to break up once and for all from Chancun?

  1. They could just flat out waive him and eat the money. But even Chris Wallace knows better than that.
  2. They could waive him with stretch provision, saving some salary each season until he is paid off.
  3. They could attach a first round pick to a team willing to take on his contract. This seems to be the rout the Grizzlies are hesitant to go down, and I am ok with that. We have given away enough first round picks.
  4. They could take back a long term deal another team is trying to shed in return.

Option #4 seems like the most helpful scenario for both parties, and is the option we will look at here. Some of these deals get more likely after July 1st of this year, when Parsons becomes an expiring contract.

The Not So-Likely, But It Could Happen

Otto Porter Jr.

The Washington Wizards are headed to blow it up. Porter has been linked to trade rumors with the Dallas Mavericks, so he may truly be available. Otto has three years remaining on his current contract with the third year being a player option worth $28.5 million dollars that he will most assuredly not opt out of.

So if the Grizz could sweeten the pot, the swapping of Parsons would ultimately save them $32 million dollars.

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives: Otto Porter Jr. and Ian Mahinmi

Washington Receives: Chandler Parsons, JaMychal Green, and Garrett Temple

Washington also moves off Mahinmi’s two years 15 million dollars while acquiring two expiring contracts in return. Freeing up nearly $20 million in cap next summer

Memphis gets the wing they have desperately needed and replaces Green in the frontcourt with Mahinmi.

Andrew Wiggins

He is still young and has time to figure it out, but Wiggins has been mostly underwhelming in his NBA career. Maybe a change of scenery could do the trick. He has a $146 million dollar contract running into the 2022-23 season. This move would allow the Wolves to try again building around KAT. This is probably the least likely as it would almost certainly take a pick of some kind.

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives: Andrew Wiggins and Gorgui Dieng

Minnesota Receives: Chandler Parsons, Garrett Temple, and JaMychal Green

In a deal very similar to the Wizards deal, the Wolves would free up nearly 18 million dollars for free agency next season, then have money for a max contract the following summer. Again, the potential of Wiggins and his young age will be what never allows this deal to come to the table, but its not the worst idea.

These Could Actually Happen

Nicolas Batum

The Charlotte Hornets have been trying to get off his contract some kind of bad. Father Time is undefeated and has started his attack on Batum. This is one of the more atrocious contracts currently out there in the NBA.

Batum has 2 years $49.5 million guaranteed left on his contract with a third year player option worth $27 million that he will certainly not walk away from.

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams

Charlotte Receives Chandler Parsons, JaMychal Green, and Garrett Temple

This trade might help Charlotte in the short term but it also gives them $52.5 million in cap space this summer with their other combined expiring contracts. Enough to max Kemba Walker and bring in a high caliber player to pair with him.

Tyler Johnson and James Johnson

The Miami Heat are loaded with bad contracts. In the rat race that was free agency 2016, these two guys cashed in at the expense of Miami’s return to mediocrity. Tyler Johnson has the same amount of length on his contract as Parsons does for $19 million, but if you couple that with the three years remaining on James Johnson’s for $14, $15, and $16 million, the Heat would save money in the immediate. And what better place to ship Chancun than the Miami nightlife?!

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives Tyler Johnson and James Johnson

Miami Receives Chandler Parsons, Garrett Temple and Ivan Rabb

The Heat would gain an expiring contract and the choice to extend a qualifying offer to a young player. This move would clear up $9 million next summer for Pat Riley to maneuver with.

Evan Fournier

Fournier has two years guaranteed at $34 million with a player option for a third year worth $17 million. The Magic are looking at a lot of cap space this summer, some of which they will have to use keep Nikola Vucevic, and will be able to create more with a move here.

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives Evan Fournier and Timofey Mozgov

Orlando Receives Chandler Parsons, Garrett Temple, and Ivan Rabb

Look, I know, no one wants Mozgov. The dude gets tossed around teams like a hot potato. But the Grizzlies are now in a no win spot with Parsons and taking back someone like Mozgov may be what has to happen.

The Magic would clear up around $8 million more for next summer, that they will hopefully use to sign a point guard to build with Gordon and Bamba. The Grizzlies would have to thrown in Rabb as a sweetener since Memphis would be receiving the best player in the deal in Fournier.

Kent Bazemore

This is another situation that just seems too good to be true. Could the Grizzlies actually pull off getting rid of Parsons while bringing in a player that could be beneficial for them immediately? Bazemore has a player option for $19 million next summer that it is unlikely he would think about opting out of. Obviously he would have to be coupled with another player to make it work, it just stinks that its another player no one seemingly wants.

Proposed Trade:

Memphis Receives Kent Bazemore and Miles Plumlee

Atlanta Receives Chandler Parsons and JaMychal Green

Atlanta and Memphis swap contracts of players they no longer want while the Hawks pick up an expiring contract. At the chance Parsons can still actually play, this is not a bad deal for both sides. Atlanta would clear up roughly $7 million in cap for the summer with this move.

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