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Report Card: Pelicans Pound the Grizzlies

This could be a franchise record losing streak..

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

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Those are the words I have for the Grizzlies sixth straight loss.

All the clever sayings, the cliches, the hot takes, the explanations and the excuses are all used up. Could it be that this team just is not a good basketball team?

That hurts to say, so let’s just jump to the grades.

Mike Conley

His +/- being a -16 would lead you to believe that his grade should be a D or F. But sometimes +/- just flat out lies. The fact is that if Mike Conley did not show up, the Grizzlies would have lost by 40. Mike had 22 points, 10 assists, and 2 steals. He did his job. The +/- is a product of Marc Gasol and Garrett Temple being not very good, Kyle Anderson had his usage rate dropped to early season percentage, and JJJ can’t stop fouling.

Grade: A

Garrett Temple

Not so fun fact: Temple is shooting 28% in the month of January. In 19 games since the start of December, Temple has been a + in the box score 4 times. He is simply not helping this team like he was the first month of the season. This game was more of the same, jacking up 10 shots (shots that should go to JJJ or Gasol should be taking) and only hitting 3 of them.

Grade: F

Jaren Jackson Jr.

It was another one of those nights where Jaren was great when he was on the floor. It would be one thing if he picked up 5 fouls because Julius Randle was a tough matchup but Jaren was picking up silly offensive fouls and fouls on jump shots. The rookie curve is no longer an excuse, in my opinion. He should know by now that he is too important to the team to pick up dumb fouls. His grade would be higher if it were in the first month, but its time to grow up.

Grade: C-

Marc Gasol

I am almost as done with Marc as he seems to be with this team. The franchise picked him over a coach. He is a multiple time All-Star, your second leading scorer, and second best player. Marc took 2 shots in the second half, both in the third quarter. He took two separate fouls (and he fouled out) just to get out of the game because he didn't want to be on the floor anymore. I have been the biggest Gasol fan there is, but there is no defending his performance anymore. He had 7 points and 5 rebounds, that should tell the story if you didn't get to watch the game yourself.

Grade: F--

Other Grades and Notes

  • Jevon Carter has supplanted Shelvin Mack as the backup point guard for the time being, but he did not do much to make the coaching staff build confidence in that decision. While he is a defensive spark plug, he has to offer more than 0-5 shooting to stay on the floor. Hopefully he will bounce back at home Wednesday night.
  • JaMyChal Green gets a B for his performance. He was the only player outside of Conley that had the shooting touch tonight and he provided a nice boost off the bench.
  • Omri Casspi was also nice off the bench. Seven of his nine points were in the first half when the game was still close. He also receives a B.
  • Kyle Anderson had a 5-5-5 stat line tonight. You would barely know he was on the floor, which hasn't been the norm of late.

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