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The Core Four: Brandon Clarke, James Wiseman Talk with Jackson Frank

Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester talk to Jackson Frank about Brandon Clarke and James Wiseman.

Jordan Brand Classic Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last week, Athletic and Fansided writer Jackson Frank dropped a 2020 NBA draft piece that left James Wiseman out of the top 15, which is apparently a heinous crime judging by the backlash of the Memphis community to it. So we decided to bring him on the show to talk about it!

But he does speak glowingly about Brandon Clarke, so we decided to cut him some slack.

In this week’s episode, we discussed with Jackson about:

  • Brandon Clarke’s fit in Memphis alongside Jaren Jackson Jr. and his potential upside
  • What kind of prospect James Wiseman truly is and where he will truly end up up in the 2020 NBA draft

This was an awesome conversation that you definitely don’t want to miss.

As usual, we appreciate everyone who listens to the podcast and reads our content. You can find Parker on twitter @PAKA_FLOCKA. You can find me on Twitter @BigNateChester and Jackson Frank @jackfrank_jjf.