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The Grizzlies Win Their Third Straight Game in Mike Conley’s return to Memphis

The Memphis Grizzlies Win Their Third Straight Game in an emotional night at FedEx Forum

NBA: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies win their third straight game in an emotional night at FedExForum as Memphis legend, Mike Conley, returns.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

You could see that this was going to be an emotional night, which means a lot of nerves in the whole building. The Memphis Grizzlies started the the first four minutes of the game off shooting 2/9 and trailed 8-5 through the first five minutes of the first quarter.

Memphis continued to be sluggish throughout the first eight minutes of the first quarter, but once the emotions were put to the side, the Grizzlies woke up. Three straight makes from Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson off the Memphis bench. The Grizzlies trailed Utah by as much as nine in the first quarter, but in the final two minutes trimmed the Jazz lead to only three. Memphis would head to the second quarter down 26-23.

The Grizzlies bench came out in the second quarter and played like one of the best benches in the league (which they are). A bench unit led by Kyle Anderson, mentioned earlier, came in towards the end of the first quarter shooting with supreme confidence. Anderson had 13 points, and six rebounds on 6/8 shooting in seven minutes.

Oh, and Ja Morant had some highlights in that second quarter as well..

After a slow first quarter start from the Grizzlies, Memphis answered with a strong second quarter. It is worth noting that Memphis won the turnover battle with the Jazz nine to six. The Grizzlies outscored the Jazz 30-22 in that second quarter and led Utah 53-48 heading into halftime.

Memphis started the second half rather slowly. The Grizzlies fell victims of a 8-0 Utah run. The Jazz took a 56-55 lead around the eight minute mark of the third quarter. Once Utah took that one point lead, the Grizzlies and Jazz would enter a shoot out to conclude the quarter. Unfortunately, Memphis had a repeat of that first quarter.

The Grizzlies offense was just inconsistent, and was outscored by Utah 31-24 in the third quarter. Memphis lost the turnover battle in the third quarter (4-2) as well. The Grizzlies offense just couldn’t find stable footing. The Grizzlies headed to the fourth quarter trailing the Jazz 79-77 after three quarters.

In the fourth quarter, it was the Ja Morant show. On the prime time stage, and he was showing out. The Memphis Grizzlies entered the fourth quarter needing a spark. Needing a momentum moment to shift their way. It was right on cue when the Ja Dropper appeared in FedExForum. Similar to his highlights in the second quarter, Morant was back for some more!

The young Grizzlies just were not backing down from the seasoned Utah Jazz. They were heading into the final five minutes of regulation tied with the Jazz at 99 a piece, and answering every Utah bucket. Morant exited for his usual rest in fourth quarter before returning at the 4:40 mark. While Morant was out of the game, his partner Dillon Brooks was maintaining that offensive rhythm. Brooks had 20 points at the 4:40 mark.

After a stressful last three minutes, the Memphis Grizzlies manage to hold on and win their third straight game! The Grizzlies defeat the Jazz 107-106 after a very emotional night in FedEx Forum.

Next up, the Grizzlies welcome the Denver Nuggets on Sunday afternoon for a 5:00 tip off at FedExForum in Memphis.