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Report Card: Grizz Fail to defeat makeshift Warriors

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That sucked.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I was super lazy in high school. I dropped out of AP Calculus because I didn't want to do the homework, so I took regular Cal and made a 100 in the course without studying. I also decided against AP English and settled for Honors English because, well, less work. Without a doubt I regret not giving it my all, just skating by on “gifted-ness” without “prepared-ness”. I suppose you could say I slept walk through school.

Anyone remember SparkNotes or CliffNotes? Those two websites got me through Honors English. I only ever remember reading Of Mice and Men and Ender’s Game — the rest I read the CliffNotes for my quizzes. So after reading the CliffNotes, I would have a false sense of confidence that the upcoming test was in the bag.

It seems as if the Memphis Grizzlies had a false sense of confidence for the test the Golden State Warriors presented Tuesday night. They noticed the test did not include Steph Curry, Klay Thompson or DeAngelo Russell, so maybe they just studied the CliffNotes, expecting that to be adequate.

Maybe the Grizzlies expected to skate by this game on having more talent on their roster.

Either way their grades tonight will much like my Honors English grade: Not good.

The Good(ish)

Jae Crowder: The savvy vet was not the reason the Grizzlies could not figure it out tonight. He did exactly what was needed of him with this young team this season — be consistent and lead by example. Crowder had 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 assists on the night leading to a grade of B-

Brandon Clarke: Clarke shot an uncharacteristic 43% from the field tonight, going 6 for 14 to lead to 12 of his 17 points on the night. The broadcast team made jokes that Clarke being 3-6 shooting was an off night, but for what he has shown all season, it was an off night. BC also contributed 5 rebounds, 3 assists, a block and a steal, doing what he could to stuff the stat sheet to no avail. Grade: B-

The Bad

Ja Morant: Morant was a game worst -25 and had a very Westbrook-like night as far as his efficiency is concerned — needing 20 shots to score 20 points. Not only did he go 7-20 and 0-3 from three, he also had the most turnovers on the team (3) which was a turnover for every two assists. He finds him self in this section and not the one below because he still managed to lead the team in scoring and have six assists. Grade: C-

Jonas Valanciunas: This should have been a game Jonas dominated. The Warriors had nobody on their active roster big enough to bang with the big man and sadly he only attempted 3 shots and brought in just 6 rebounds while committing 5 fouls. The Grizz will not be successful often if he can only manage 8 points and 6 rebounds. Grade: D

The Ugly

Jaren Jackson Jr.: Stop me if you have heard this before: Jaren Jackson Jr. fouled out of the game. Perhaps the most frustrating and inconsistent player on the roster this season. We must remember that he still can't check himself into a hotel room, he is literally still growing and is by the # of games played, is still a rookie. He played like one tonight. Is he learning from his mistakes? Only time will tell, but the up and down sophomore was way down tonight, Grade F.

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