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A GBB Thanksgiving Roundtable

Giving thanks for the Grizzlies and more

Los Angeles Lakers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Brandon Dill/Getty Images

From our Grizzly Bear Blues family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Although the Grizzlies are lottery bound and it won’t be long until we start hearing the dreaded “c” word (convey) debated over once again, there is plenty to celebrate this time of year. Ja Morant appears to be the superstar we all hoped he would be early in his NBA career. Jaren Jackson Jr., while far from a finished product, has thrived as a three point shooter of late. Brandon Clarke is an extremely efficient scorer, and all three of these players are 23 or younger.

For the first time in a long time, there is a long-term plan in Memphis. And being thankful for the process that has officially - finally - begun allows for better perspective about the seasons ahead.

For this roundtable, I simply asked out staff and GBB followers on Twitter (@sbngrizzlies) one question - what are you thankful for this year? Here are their responses.

GBB ASSOCIATE EDITOR PARKER FLEMING (@PAKA_FLOCKA)- I’m thankful for the opportunity to cover the Memphis Grizzlies on gameday, after growing up with the team my whole life.

GBB WRITER ROSS JARRAR (@asaprockytop)- I’m most thankful for Brandon Clarke. Ja Morant has been awesome, so is Jaren, but they’re top-five picks. What’s truly difficult is finding difference makers late in the NBA draft. Clarke is an efficiency monster, already. He could grow into something special and I can’t wait to see it.

GBB WRITER LAUREN HARVEY (@DragicKingdom)- I’m thankful that the Grizzlies are a young, fun team and on most nights are competitive and very watchable. I am also thankful for the health of my family and friends which is always more important than basketball. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

GBB WRITER JUSTIN LEWIS (@J_Timberfake_)- I’m thankful for new beginnings. Newly wed. New job. But just as big, new future for the Memphis Grizzlies. As a lifelong fan the future is now at the brightest it has ever been with Ja, Jaren and BC.

GBB WRITER JORDAN PETERSON (@JordanP_901)- I’m thankful for Ja Morant’s Nike fashions, Brandon Clarke’s Fantasy contributions and Montell Jordan’s halftime show. Kidding, but seriously. Also, Gus’s fried turkey deserves an honorable mention.

GBB ASSOCIATE EDITOR JACK NOONAN (@jnoonan1307)- I am first and foremost thankful for Ja and JJJ. This duo is making Memphis hopeful again. I am also thankful for Ja Morant’s pliability. He has to stop scaring us high-flying during every play. Finally, I am thankful for the opportunity to write about the sport I love for a community that is one of the most passionate in the whole league. Appreciate everyone who has given me an opportunity.

GBB WRITER GREG LUBIANI (@doctor_stat)- I’m thankful for the Grizzlies’ top-6 pick protection for the 2020 NBA Draft. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still tremendously enjoying watching the development of Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Brandon Clarke, and the games have been anything but dull. But, the reality is that the overall record will likely be in the bottom six of the league at the end of the season. Also, I’ve been imagining adding Anthony Edwards to the young core of Memphis players since this summer, and that just doesn’t go away easily. Happy Thanksgiving!

GBB SENIOR WRITER MOLLY MORRISON (@mollyhannahm)- I’m thankful for this roller coaster of a year, and every single challenge and blessing it has given me. I am thankful for a support system of family and friends who I can always count on to keep me going. I’m thankful for the city I grew up in that shaped me into the person I am today. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I’m thankful for Ja Morant. God bless and happy Thanksgiving.

GBB SENIOR WRITER NATHAN CHESTER (@BigNateChester)- For me, Thanksgiving is all about family and community. I’m thankful for the family that I’ve been given. And from a basketball fandom perspective, I’m thankful for the Memphis Grizzlies as a whole--for the memories that they’ve given me and the ones they will in the future.

GBB WRITER BRENDAN SMART (@bsmart21)- For Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for a lot of things, and it starts with the position I’m at right now in life. I’m thankful for Grizzly Bear Blues for giving me an opportunity to cover the Memphis Grizzlies for such a tremendous site. The Grizzly Bear Blue team is beyond talented, and continue to push me to be a better writer daily. I’m thankful for the Grizzlies new front office led by Zach Kleiman and Tayshaun Prince for boosting this rebuild in Memphis. Wins or losses, a very talented product on the floor nightly. Lastly, I’m thankful for my incredible family that supports me everyday. Without my family, none of this is possible. I hope that Grizz Nation and their families have a great Thanksgiving!

GBB WRITER GREG RATLIFF (@GregRatliff)- I’m thankful for being in a city that welcomes people that aren’t from here like they’re family. Not just me, but these young Grizzlies. From the rookies on up. I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to share my love of basketball with not just my family but to all of you through GBB. Lastly, I’m thankful for my amazing co-workers here at GBB and elsewhere around Memphis.

GBB WRITER DARREN JEANS (@TwoWordsForYa)- Well I’m absolutely thankful that Ja’s injury wasn’t really an injury. I’m also thankful for the the chance to talk Grizzlies with the GBB fam. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

GBB SENIOR WRITER BRANDON ABRAHAM (@bcabraham)- I am most thankful for the Mike Conley trade. The Conley trade opened up the chance for Ja Morant to shine from day one. The Conley trade also allowed Brandon Clarke to fall into the Grizzlies trade. The Grizzlies would look a lot different if they didn’t bite the bullet on trading their franchise icon, and I’m thankful they took the risk.

Beyond the youth movement and hope that is carrying the day in Memphis, I am thankful for all those above who contribute to this site and all those that weren’t able to be a part of this roundtable. Our strength as a blog is our staff and community, and I am grateful to be the Site Manager at such a terrific place. In good times and bad, the people sharing the journey with you are what matter most. I am fortunate to travel these internet highways with all who have, or ever have, called GBB their Grizzlies blog home.

Enjoy today with family, loved ones, and friends. We will be here tomorrow ready for the next game. But for now, to you and yours, much love and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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