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GBBLive Podcast: Free Josh Jackson...and your Grizzlies mind


GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

Finally, the flagship podcast of Grizzly Bear Blues has returned!

The guys at Core Four and 3 and D have done terrific work over the length of my sabbatical, but the time has come for GBBLive to knock off the rust and get back in the proverbial ring. I am excited about our first episode of the season, which you can listen to using the player below or by subscribing to any of the following ways to listen to podcasts-

I Heart, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

I welcome my new GBBLive partner in crime to the show in the first segment, Mr. Parker Fleming of GBB, to talk the injuries to Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke, among other things. Then in the 2nd segment I reunite with old friend Anthony Sain of Sports Illustrated’s Grizzlies Maven to talk about the Free Josh Jackson movement and what should be the priority for the Grizzlies as they build their roster. James Wiseman? Multiple wings? A combination of the two?

GBBLive is back! Be sure to subscribe to the GBB Podcast network using the links above so you never miss an episode!

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