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5 Questions with Blog a Bull

The Wayne Selden revenge game is upon us.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

This game is a match-up between two lottery teams with two different agendas. On one end, you have the Memphis Grizzlies actively trying to win games in hopes of conveying their pick to Boston this season. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls are tanking and trying to win the Zion Williamson sweepstakes.

It’s also a match-up between familiar faces. Justin Holiday returns to Chicago for the first time since being traded. Joakim Noah is forever a Chicago Bulls fan favorite, so he’ll probably get a massive applause tonight. Then, the Grizzlies will face off against Wayne Selden Jr. and their two second round picks — the revenge game is upon us.

I fully expect Selden to go for 30 tonight, just because.

I caught up with Ricky O’Donnell from Blog a Bull to get this views on the Chicago Bulls and tonight’s game.

What does your big board of prospects look like?

Zion at No. 1 and then a massive gap before anyone else. I’m all aboard the Zion bandwagon in terms of him being a generational talent that would change everything for the Bulls overnight. The second pick would be such a disappointment in this draft. Ja Morant would be a guy that fits the Buls, but I think he has some serious questions in terms of his defense, shooting ability and frame. I’ve always liked Cam Reddish but he’s been bad this season. I’m not a big R.J. Barrett guy. My sleeper is Jarrett Culver. If the Bulls want a savior in this draft, though, they need to get No. 1.

Out of Dunn, Lavine, Markannen, and Carter, who looks like a cornerstone and who looks like an asset?

Markkanen and Carter are the cornerstones. It’s a shame Carter got hurt this season because seeing those two play together would have been one of the benefits of this broken year. The organization does not seem very high on Dunn and my assumption is that he’s playing for his job from here on out. LaVine is talented but flawed...wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ultimately traded in a year.

What do you think of former Grizzly Wayne Selden so far?

I like Selden! There’s such a need for two guards league-wide who can defend multiple positions and shoot well enough. He’s not great, but I’d keep him around. He’s been shooting the ball really well since he came here. The Justin Holiday trade with the Grizzlies is the rare deal the Bulls actually won.

What’s Jim Boylen’s deal?

He sucks and should never coach another NBA game for the rest of his life. The man has just sucked the joy out of this entire season. He finally has had them stop playing like grandpas over the last five or so games, so hopefully that sticks, just for my sanity. But Boylen cannot under any circumstances be the coach next year.

What matchup are you looking forward to the most?

Any time Joakim Noah is in the game. He’s been balling for the Grizzlies lately! Love Joakim forever.

Thanks, Ricky, for joining us for this edition of 5 Questions. Be sure to follow his work at Blog a Bull for the best Chicago Bulls content on the web.

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