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Trade Deadline Report Card: Temple and Green go to La-La Land.

For what, now?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


LOS ANGELES RECEIVES: JaMychal Green, Garrett Temple...and nothing else.

The reason this trades makes absolutely no sense at all is that it does not help your team in any type of rebuild. JaMychal Green And Garrett Temple were two expiring contracts that you could get some kind of value for to help with the future. Take on assets and young players, and go from there. Instead, the Grizzlies helped out one of their biggest rivals clear cap space off the books helping them have more availability to sign two max free agents. And what do they get in return for future assets? Nothing. Nothing at all. Avery Bradley used to be a great perimeter defender. In Boston, he was held in the highest regard guarding the other team’s best player. Instead, this year he has fallen off a cliff and is having his worst year of his career. Memphis traded two valuable assets to a team trying to clear cap room and look to the future. Grizzlies helped them do that for nothing of value in return.


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