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Chandler Parsons Set to Rejoin Memphis Grizzlies

What a shocking turn of events!

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday morning, probably the most unexpected Sham Bomb (Sham Pow? Sham Bam? I don’t know, we’ll work on it later) hit the Grizzlies Twitter this morning:

Around December, the Memphis Grizzlies management removed Chandler Parsons from the active roster, while they were working on a resolution for his future. After an in-practice tirade laced with 3-pointer’s and expletives, it was hard to envision him wearing a Grizzly uniform ever again, but here we are.

So far this season, Chandler Parsons is averaging 5.7 points in only 3 games.

What does he bring to this team?

Well, the team’s frontcourt has depleted after the deadline deals of Marc Gasol and JaMychal Green and injuries to Kyle Anderson and Omri Casspi. The hope here is that Parsons can come in and spell minutes at the 4 position — if you’re reading this, JB, please don’t try him at the 3 again — while using his shooting to space the floor.

In addition, the Grizzlies lost 4 veterans as a result of the trade deadline — 5, if you include the release of Casspi. Parsons has never been a problem in the locker room, so the Grizzlies may have decided to bring back the 7-year veteran to serve as another mentor on this younger team.

Nobody expected this, but welcome back, Chandler Parsons. Show us what you got.

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