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The Grizzlies shouldn’t convey their pick in 2019

Let’s wait a while longer.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

All great campaigns have a slogan.

A slogan is supposed to be a catchy way to convince you to buy into the candidate and the platform they are running on. They are meant to inspire. They are designed to represent vision. A slogan plays a major role on the campaign trail.

“Make Memphis Great Again.” No, doesn't quite get the point across.

How about, “Pick Now, Convey Later.” It may not rhyme and to many of you it doesn't line up with the vision you believe this franchise should have.

The stated goal of the Memphis Grizzlies for this season is to convey the pick to Boston. We all know that.

Site Mastermind Joe Mullinax wrote an incredible article about keeping Mike Conley and conveying this year. (read it here). Convey 2020, however, is a campaign for the Memphis Grizzlies to not convey the pick to Boston and also retain Mike Conley.

On February 7th, 2019 the Memphis Grizzlies made their second franchise altering trade involving a Gasol. The Memphis front office shipped Marc Gasol to the Toronto Raptors for Delon Wright, Jonas Valanciunas, and CJ Miles.

They also flipped JaMychal Green and Garrett Temple for Avery Bradley and Shelvin Mack for Tyler Dorsey.

As the deadline approached, everyone in the city awaited the news that Mike Conley had been traded, most likely to Utah. The deadline came and went and Mike Conley stepped on the court in Oklahoma City a Grizzly still.

Since the deadline, excluding the OKC game, the Grizzlies are playing .500 basketball and are 3-1 in their last 4. With a group of 13 new players from the opening roster, it obviously takes some time for the new players to learn the system and each other. As they have had time for that to happen, the better the team has played (minus the Hawks blunder).

NBA: Orlando Magic at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The key to the Convey 2020 campaign is keeping this team together as much as possible, and yes that means keeping Mike Conley.

One rumor or theory is that the Grizzlies will be actively shopping Mike Conley during the 2019 NBA Draft and the ensuing off-season in an effort to jump start a rebuild around Jaren Jackson Jr.

As Joe Mullinax pointed out, there is no better way to rebuild this team than to have a point guard the caliber of Mike Conley to mentor the next face of the franchise. Not only can Conley mentor, but Conley is still playing at highest level of his career. It seems as if he is finally finding his footing after his injury last year.

Here is the premise behind “Pick Now, Convey Later”:

  1. We 100% do not want to send the pick in 2021. Period.
  2. If the Grizzlies do not convey this season and have their own first round pick, they will be picking most likely in the 6-8 range with a shot to move into the top 4 (long shot obviously).
  3. If the Grizzlies convey this season, they would be sending Boston a pick in the 9-12 range and Memphis would have no draft pick AND presumably no cap space to add a player of any significance for next season.
  4. While some believe that 2020 is a deeper draft than 2019, it is not significant enough that if the Grizzlies play .500 basketball in 2019-20, their mid first round pick would be a possibly better pick than a top 8 pick this season.
  5. If the Grizzlies do not convey this season, but convey next season, Memphis should be sending Boston a pick in the 12-14 range, the Grizzlies will be coming off Chandler Parsons and depending on the direction of the franchise, possibly Miles and Valanciunas.

Heading into the summer of 2020, if the Grizzlies convey that summer, the team would be headed to free agency with Mike Conley (assuming he doesn't opt out), Jaren Jackson Jr., Kyle Anderson and someone like De’Andre Hunter, Darius Garland, or Jarrett Culver on the roster with enough cap space to sign 1-2 max contracts.

A roster with a 2 year pro Jaren, savvy vet Mike Conley, lock down defender Anderson, and another young promising player is the most appealing roster Memphis has ever been able to present to a free agent. Here’s a look at some of the potential free agents in 2020:

Jamal Murray (Restricted FA)

Malik Beasley (RFA)

Jaylen Brown (RFA)

Brandon Ingram (RFA)

Anthony Davis (PO) (I know but he's still a free agent possibly)

Montrezl Harrell

Memphis would have a legitimate shot at either of the Denver guys because they can't pay both, or Jaylen Brown or Brandon Ingram because I don't see either of their teams valuing them as max talent. The Grizzlies could do the same thing they did to get Kyle Anderson and put an offer on the table the other team just isn't comfortable matching.

And if you are Memphis you have no choice but to offer a max to one of these guys, the Grizzlies will always be a team that will have to over pay because of its market.

Again, this team is more appealing to those kind of guys with Mike Conley AND another young player next to Jaren Jackson Jr.

In order for Convey 2020 to be a successful campaign, the Grizzlies have to keep Mike Conley. It seems that he still has a lot left in the tank and can still compete at a high level. This team and this city believe in the conductor and will follow him into the abyss.

The Grizzlies would also have to get their pick right. If the Grizzlies go and do something crazy like take Bol Bol with the 6th pick this year and pass on someone like Culver or Hunter, then it is not quite worth not conveying.

The goal is for the Grizz to get the higher of the picks for themselves and give Boston the worst of two.

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