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Get to Know Grizz Gaming: ToxSik

Brandon Raudenbush has already played college basketball, NBA 2k is next

Brandon Raudenbush a West Palm native, is one of the older players in the league, at 27 years old. It can feel like a lifetime hanging out with 19 year olds all the time, but with age comes valuable experience.

Gamer Tag: Toxsik

Position: Shooting Guard

Draft Position: 2019 3rd Round Pick

Twitter: ToXsiK_BANGS

Where are you from: West Palm Beach, FL

Favorite Video Game: Halo 2

Video Game that you play other than 2K: Apex Legends

Favorite NBA Player of all Time: Dwayne Wade

Who do you model your 2K game after: Ray Allen and Mike Miller

Brandon was selected in the third round of this year’s expansion draft after not being protected by Cavs Legion this off-season. Their team finished just shy of the semifinals at the end of the year. Playoff experience may not sound like much when you are talking about video games, but these guys aren’t just playing in their room or on a couch somewhere. Their games are held in a studio in New York City with tons of cameras, fans, and media in the building. When you mess up, everyone knows about it and they all know it’s you who screwed up the play. Pressure, even in these video games, is a real thing for these players and having someone like Brandon go through the playoffs with a different team is invaluable to have on the roster, just like in the NBA, playoff experience is something that can be appreciated, even if it is just one year.

Speaking of experience, Brandon Raudenbush not only has basketball experience in video games, he actually played college basketball at St. Thomas University. After realizing that was probably not going to be a viable career path, he started to focus all his energy on playing NBA 2k. Having someone who actually played basketball at a high level will be important this year as the build for NBA 2K19 is much harder that it was last year to score points. Teams will have to rely on running more set plays and actions in their offense to be able to get open shots, and having someone who has done that for a long time will most certainly help.

Brandon’s role on this team this year is lock down defender and shooter - the typical 3 and D guy we see so often in the NBA and that is what he is trying to do on this year’s team for Grizz Gaming. Being in Memphis with the Grizzlies, we know a thing or two about defense, so he should fit in nicely on this team.

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