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Get to know Grizz Gaming: Vandi

Straight out of high school, Vandi is hoping to make his mark on the league

Zach Vandivier got into gaming much like any other of the professional gamers, they start young and spend a lot of time just hanging out with their friends and having fun. He has been playing basketball video games since he was ten years old, so entering the 2019 year, he already has almost a decade worth of experience.

Gamer Tag: Vandi

Position: Point Guard

Draft Position: 2019 1st Round Pick

Twitter: ImVandii

Where are you from: Aurora, OH

Favorite Video Game: NBA 2K11

Video Game that you play other than 2K: Division 2, APEX Legends

Current Favorite NBA Player: Cedi Osman

Who do you model your 2K game after: Kyrie Irving

Zach was the first round pick from Grizz Gaming and believe it or not, he just graduated high school. One of the youngest players in the entire league, this is his first year in the NBA 2K League. Zach had a hard decision right out of high school, deciding whether or not to take a year off of college. That starts with a deal that he made with his parents, being young has its advantages, and the deal is, he takes a year to play in the NBA 2K League and if he is good enough to make a career out of it, then he keeps playing. If not, he goes back to college to earn a degree and start a career in something else.

Vandivier was always into sports playing basketball and baseball in high school, loving baseball first, but quit his freshman year to concentrate on basketball. Once he realized that he could make a career out of professional gaming after getting into competitive esports play in 2018, he stuck with it trying to break into the NBA 2K league ever since. His strength is his handles and scoring the basketball, Vandi should be able to break most players down on the perimeter and get to the basket fairly easy.

Zach spent all last year on the Cavs Legion practice squad during the inaugural season for the 2K League. The only reason that he wasn’t in the league last year is because he was in high school and so he wasn’t eligible, but Zach is one of the best players in the league. He is hoping that being around the league for a year will payoff big for the Grizz Gaming squad.

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