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Get to know Grizz Gaming: DDouble 2K

Daniel Davis was unsure if he would be back in Memphis after last year, but that is always where he wanted to be

Daniel Davis always wanted to be back with the Grizz Gaming team this year. He spent all of last year with the team in the first season after being selected in the 6th round as the 3rd pick for the team. The only issue was the Grizz Gaming protected two different players, AuthenticAfrican and UniversalPhenom, the could have protected more players but it would have cost them draft picks in this year’s draft, something that GM Lang Whitaker did not want to take the chance on, hoping that Daniel would be there when they wanted him.

Gamer Tag: DDouble2K

Position: Small Forward

Draft Position: Retained from last year’s team

Twitter: DDouble2K

Where are you from: Silver Spring, MD

Favorite Video Game: Modern Warfare 2

Video Game that you play other than 2K: Division 2, Apex Legends

Favorite NBA Player of all Time: Derrick Rose (Healthy D-Rose)

Current Favorite NBA Player: Damian Lillard

Who do you model your 2K game after: Damian Lillard, Kawhi Leonard

Daniel went on interviews for other teams, as with any draft process, teams hold interviews with possible players they might want to pick to get a feel for the player as a person. He always had this idea in the back of his head that he wanted to be back with Grizz Gaming. He talked with other teams, including the Warriors team, but in the end got right back to where he wanted to be, in Memphis.

Family is big for Daniel, having an older brother that introduced him to gaming. He was able to tag along with him to play not only games but all types of sports in the backyard. His dad is the one that introduced him to the NBA, and after that he was hooked on to the sport. He loves Damian Lillard (maybe to fault) and is a huge Portland Trailblazer’s fan.

Davis hopes that having 3 of their 6 players back from last year along with other players that have played together (ToxSik and Vandi) will help the team chemistry quickly, and the team has changed from an older team to a much younger team including three 19 year olds.

Daniel is dedicated, dedicated to being the best he can be in NBA 2K, dedicated to Damian Lillard, dedicated to Zak’s Bar and Grill’s wings, and he is hoping that dedication will vault them into the playoffs this year.

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